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Find your hidden strengths and begin to live brighter

All Right? is on a mission to help Cantabrians find their hidden strengths as part of their latest campaign.


We’ve all got strengths, it’s just a matter of recognising them and finding ways to build them into our lives and share them with others. Bringing your top strengths to life has been shown to lead to improved happiness, confidence and job performance.

American non-profit organisation the VIA Institute on Character  has developed a 10-15 minute survey that has been scientifically proven to identify character strengths. There are 24 strengths in total, including curiosity, creativity, teamwork, fairness and leadership.

To do the VIA survey and find your hidden strengths go to www.allright.org.nz/strengths.

Here’s two great reasons to spend 10 minutes doing the VIA quiz:

  1. Knowing and using your strengths has been scientifically proven to make you happier, more confident and to improve your relationships with others.
  2. You’ll go in the draw to win a Pamper Pack from Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa… All Right? are giving away one every week during June!

Teams can also create their own All Right? “Playing to our strengths” poster which can showcase the top three strengths of those you work with. It’s been created because helping people become aware of each other’s strengths can lead to happier, more engaged, and better performing teams. All Right? will even print and post you a copy! Team’s that create their own poster also go into the weekly draw to win a cake courtesy of Cakes By Anna.

To do the VIA survey and find your hidden strengths go to www.allright.org.nz/strengths.

Men’s Health Checks


The theme for Men’s Health Month is #MenStartTalking.


A general health Check-up can tell you how your heart, lungs, liver, eyesight, hearing and general health is.

Enter your age in the Online Health Check and find out about health in your age-group and what can be done to prevent common ailments.

If you have never had a general Check-up, or it has been a few years, make an appointment with your doctor this week. The Men’s Health Check-ups brochure lets you know what to expect from your Check-up and has a tear-off checklist to take with you.

Check out the Men’s Health Video!

Men’s Health Signs and Symptoms


The theme for Men’s Health Month is #MenStartTalking.


If there is something you think is not quite right, make an appointment to get it seen to. It might be something that seems harmless, like an itchy mole or a persistent cough, but it could actually be a symptom of a bigger problem that needs attention. If you think talking about these things with your doctor might be embarrassing, don’t worry, they deal with this stuff every day.

Download the Men’s Health Sign’s & Symptoms Brochure.

Workplace activities:

  • Many of us take a lead from people we know. If you have staff members that have been unwell or in treatment for an illness – ask them to share their story. If they can stand up and talk directly to their co-workers, even better. What was their illness? How did they recognise the signs? How long did it take them to go and get it checked out? Hearing these stories from our mates and co-workers can encourage us to do the same and go and get things checked out
  • Refer to the Staff Toolkit or speak with your Manager to access free counselling through the EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)
  • For more information on Men’s Health Month, visit the Men’s Health website

June is Men’s Health Month

June 1 marks the start of Men’s Health Month

When our mates seem down or in trouble, the easiest option is not to talk about it. We don’t know what to say, or think we might say the wrong thing.

But, not talking kills hundreds of men every year, and stops a lot of us from being as healthy as we could be.

This June the Men’s Health Trust is encouraging men throughout New Zealand to start talking. Start asking your mates how they are really doing. Don’t be worried about what they might say. You don’t need to offer advice, just listen, and if you’ve been through something similar, share your experiences.

Giving someone the opportunity to talk about what’s on their mind can lift a weight off their shoulders.

Men's Health

Staff Only Yoga and Meditation Courses

UC 14-0311-321

Staff Only Yoga

Registrations are now open for the second round of Staff Yoga 2016.

These courses are dedicated to UC staff only, with a maximum of 20 people to allow for more personalised teaching and alignment adjustments in a nice, private space. The courses run in an eight week block and start during the week beginning Monday 2 May.  Courses will be led by either John Squire or Sabine Steinegg.

Option 1 – Tues 5:15pm KA04 (Kirkwood Village)

Option 2 – Tues 6:30pm KA04 (Kirkwood Village)

Option 3 – Wed 1:00pm DW1 (Jack Mann Auditorium, Dovedale)

Meditation through Yin Yoga

Registrations also open for our meditation course. This course aims to teach you simple techniques to breathe, move and meditate to help lower stress levels and contribute to your overall health and well-being. Each practice will be taught using the Yin Yoga style, which is much slower and more mindful.  The course runs in a six week block from Sunday 28 February to Sunday 10 April at 6:15pm and is lead by the lovely Sabine.

How to register

Both Staff Yoga and Meditation are open to all UC staff members, no membership required.

To register, either pop into the Rec Centre and sign up with one of our receptionists. Otherwise you can give us a call on ext 8434 and we can register you over the phone. Payment must be taken at the time of booking.

Feel free email any questions you might have through to: Danielle.Mather@canterbury.ac.nz