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Mindfulness Group for Children

Does your child struggle with anxiety or stress? Would you like to support them in learning skills to enhance their wellbeing?

The Psychology Centre is offering Pause Breathe Smile (PBS) a programme for children (between 7-10 years who struggle with stress and anxiety) and their parents to develop skills of mindfulness. 

PBS is an evidence-based programme, developed by the Mental Health Foundation and is found to improved focus and attention, enhance self-awareness and reduce stress.

The group will run for 8 weeks from Wednesday 20 February 4 – 5pm, at UC’s Psychology Centre.

The programme requires both child and parent/ caregiver to attend and learn together. The total cost of the program is $160.

If you would like more information, email ann.huggett@canterbury.ac.nz.

  • Click here> to hear kids talking about PBS. 
  • For more information about the research and benefits of PBS click here>

Spring Small Group Training at the UC RecCentre

Our popular Term 4  Small Group Training (SGT) courses are open for registration, just in time for Spring!
These courses are open to everyone (no membership required), so if you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation during your work week, we might have the perfect solution for you, just over the other side of University Drive!

What is Small Group Training? 

  • Short 6 week fitness courses, focusing on a specific fitness/mind body discipline. E.g. Boxing, Bootcamp, Yoga etc.
  • Our experienced instructors work with you, along with the same small group of people each week in a supportive and energising environment.
  • Workouts can be individualised to suit you and your experience, due to the small class size.
  • A great way to remain accountable and motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.

What’s on offer for Term 4?

To discover more, click on the courses above.
All sessions are held at the UC RecCentre and commence from week 2 of Term 4.

To sign up…
Just pop into see the Rec Centre reception team, or give us a call on ext 92433 and you can sign up over the phone.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course: 17 Oct – 5 Dec  June, Tuesdays 6pm-8.30 pm,  Psychology Department, University of Canterbury.

The Psychology Centre is running another MBSR course. Our previous courses have received positive feedback from UC staff and students; supporting them to be better able to shift from the automatic pilot of a busy life, to living more fully in the present and reduce their stress. This 8-week course will introduce you to a range of mindfulness practices and has an experiential and educational focus. Cost: $400 (incl. audios and reading material). If you are interested please contact Ann Huggett on ann.huggett@canterbury.ac.nz

Workshop on Mental Health in the Workplace

The Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce (CECC) is running an ‘Understanding and Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace’ workshop as follows.

Given that nearly 50 percent of New Zealanders will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime, with depression projected to overcome heart disease as the biggest global health burden by 2020, there is a fundamental need for workplaces to understand and support mental health.

Shaun Robinson, CEO of the Mental Health Foundation New Zealand will present on:

  • The current state of mental health in Aotearoa New Zealand workplaces – prevalence, impact and presentation
  • The role of the workplace in fostering a mentally-healthy environment
  • Where to start – and what workplaces can do as initiatives, practical tools, strategies and support for staff

Date: Monday 31 July

Time: 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue: The Chamber, 57 Kilmore Street

Member’s Cost: $20 koha (donation) to the Mental Health Foundation

Given UC’s ongoing commitment to Health, Safety and Wellbeing, we encourage any staff member to attend. UC has a membership with Canterbury Employer’s Chamber of Commerce and details about our membership number and password can be accessed here; https://intranet.canterbury.ac.nz/ld/dev_plan/cecc/index_cecc.shtml


This Active Canterbury list is a great resource to help kick-start those New Year’s resolutions!  Ideas include:

  • Walk or bike to work once a week.
  • Find a car parking spot further away from your office.
  • Stairs, no elevators.
  • Stop the impulse to email. Instead, get up and walk to a colleague’s desk to deliver a work message.
  • Walk 15 minutes (at 4 different times through the day) – see list for details
  • Stand while you’re reviewing your schedule for the day or reading paperwork.
  • Have walk-and-talk meetings or standing meetings.
  • Start a walking club. Meet three times a week before or after work for a 30-minute walk. Everyone starts together but proceeds at their own pace. Do it indoors and you never have to worry about the weather.
  • Instead of Friday night happy hour, how about Friday night healthy hour? Bring in wholesome snacks to share before walking over to the local watering hole for a drink. Think of all the money and junk-food calories you’ll save on bar food.
  • Set an alarm to go off every hour on the hour. When it does, get up and take a short, brisk stroll or stand and stretch – and then get back to work.
  • Bring your coffee in a thermos, and you can make your coffee break a walk break.
  • If you have a space (eg; UC RecCentre)  that would be great for yoga, Pilates or guided meditation classes, consider finding instructors to conduct classes before or after work.
  • Turn fitness into a game of tag. When you’re “it,” you must complete a walk of a certain distance or activity before passing the baton to a colleague.

Click here to see the full 51 ideas on one sheet or visit here for more workplace wellness ideas