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September is Free Wills month!

Considering leaving a gift in your Will doesn’t equate to being old: it’s about providing for your family and ensuring that the things you care about can benefit when your time is up.

The University of Canterbury has partnered with Justly, the online Will writing service, to create a brilliant opportunity for staff, friends and family to write a Will and/or a Statement of Wishes free of charge. There is no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to the UC Foundation, it’s just a great benefit that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Wills are not just for the rich and wealthy either. Regardless of how much or how little money you have, they ensure that your personal belongings and assets go to the people/good causes you nominate.

According to Sorted, less than half of adults in NZ have a Will, which means that if you die intestate (without a Will) those you care about most may not be looked after. This doesn’t have to be your final forever Will – it’s just a starting point to make sure you have every possibility covered.

To find peace of mind you can get started here. Once you have entered your email address you will be sent a link to begin (which can be activated at any time). Upon completion – approximately
10-15 minutes – you will be taken to a checkout and you can use the following codes to overwrite the minimum charges for a comprehensive single Will and/or a Statement of Wishes:

UCALUMNIWILL to claim your free Will
UCALUMNISOW to claim your free Statement of Wishes

Too easy!

In the months of July and August we have seen over 300 people access this service. Let’s see if we can beat this for September.

Any questions, just email kathryn.marshall@canterbury.ac.nz in the Alumni & UC Foundation team, or call 03 369 5530 for a chat.

The timeless gift of learning

Live on through a gift in your will and inspire future generations of UC students and staff.

The University of Canterbury Foundation | Te Tūāpapa Hononga o Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha acts as UC’s charitable arm.

Donations come in many sizes and forms, and a gift in your will is just one of the ways you can support the University’s work after your lifetime, once your friends and family have been looked after.

Gifts in wills are easy to set up and do not need to be vast sums of money or large percentages of an estate.

For the months of May and June UC staff are being offered a discounted will-writing service as part of a UC staff financial wellbeing benefit, irrespective of whether you choose to leave a provision to the UC Foundation or not.

When donors inform the Foundation of their intention to leave a gift in their Will, they are invited to become members of the elite Partners in Excellence Programme, joining other like-minded supporters who have shown foresight in choosing to support the University in this very special way.

All gifts in wills are greatly appreciated and are an essential factor for ensuring UC’s good work continues.

Should you (or any other donor) wish for a gift to be publicly acknowledged, $1,000 can provide a named prize or study grant for a year, $7,000 can cover undergraduate fees for a year, and anything above $25,000 can be endowed – meaning the fund can be inflation-proofed and remain forever, in perpetuity.

At the UC Foundation we do not deduct fees, so 100% of every donation goes directly to its intended purpose.

To read about how recent gifts in wills have impacted the University, please click here>

To request a no-obligation UC Foundation bequest brochure please email Kathryn.Marshall@canterbury.ac.nz or call 95530.