UC Connect Public Lecture: A cross-examination of rape myths

Despite more than 40 years of law reform aimed at improving the experience of giving evidence for adult rape complainants, Ministry of Justice research in 2018 re-confirmed that the process remains distressing and re-traumatising.

In the recent UC Connect public lecture A cross-examination of rape myths, UC Law Professor Elizabeth McDonald presented an overview of the findings, some reform proposals and an outline of future work.

Missed this session? Watch the video here:
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NCEA Japanese Day Dance-Off Largest Ever

Over 400 students and teachers from UC and 16 Waitaha Canterbury high schools attended the 2019 NCEA Japanese workshop.

During this year’s event, students and staff took part in creating a unique video project that can be considered Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest group dance by Japanese learners.

Dancing collaboratively to a Japanese pop song is a great way to connect Waitaha Canterbury’s young and enthusiastic learners of Japanese while creating a sense of belonging to a Japanese learning community.

Check out the amazing job they did here>

Take a look around Haere-roa: The home stretch

This week, UCSA’s Education Representative Charlotte Merrall takes us for a look around Haere-roa, the new student building, to see how construction’s going. The project is incredibly close to the finishing line now. The UCSA Team move their office equipment into the building on 5th July, and they’ll be operating out of the space soon after. By the time students are back on campus, they’ll be able to pop over and check it all out.

For more information about Haere-roa, visit the UCSA’s website.