The Ultimate Cheap Wine Taste Test

Bianca Parshotam


Picture this: you’re on your way to a BYO and find yourself standing in front of the wine section at your local Countdown. With endless bottles in front of you, how do you choose the cheapest wine with the highest liquor content that also tastes half decent?

To try and solve this dilemma once and for all, we picked eleven under $10 wines – a mix of reds, whites, rosé, and canned wine – and put them through the ‘Ultimate Cheap Wine Taste Test’.


The Wines


The Testers

We bought all eleven bottles at Countdown and spent between $4.00 to $10.00 per bottle. We tested each wine on the basis of three categories: Flavour, Quality, and Aftertaste. We ranked the bottle out of thirty points, and thus giving each bottle a combined score of ninety overall.

Without further ado, here’s how each wine was ranked.


The Winner

Picture Perfect Moscato – 750ml (6%alc – 3.6 standard drinks) $9.00 per bottle

A sweet, delicious white wine that everyone agreed was a clear favourite.

Picture Perfect: Berry Sorbet Moscato

Verdict: 81/90. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth. This particular wine is 0.4 standards per dollar which is on the low side but would perfectly compliment some salty Chinese food.

Bonus: tastes like you’re drinking dessert.

Tasting Notes: A “very sweet” white that comes in a highly aesthetic, pleasing bottle and makes for an easy skull.

BYO Worthy? Yes. Despite its low standards, we would still take it along to a BYO as a good option for when you want to have a fun time but also be in bed by 10pm.


  The Loser

Wolf Blass Shiraz

Wolf Blass Shiraz– 750ml (13.5%alc – 8 standard drinks) $9.99 per bottle

A wine that was truly hated by all.

Verdict:  3/90. Speaks for itself. With 0.8 standards per dollar, this wine is perfect if you feel like punishing yourself.

Tasting Notes: “Ewww” “Tasted like vomit” “I feel like I’m drinking vinegar” “Just no!”

BYO Worthy? Not at all.


Best Red

Remember Me Rosé

Remember Me Rosé– 750ml (13%alc – 7.5 standard drinks) $9.00 per bottle

A wine that we would all drink but couldn’t work out whether we actually liked.  

Verdict:  49/90. This bottle of wine was definitely memorable. 0.83 standards per dollar makes this wine a particular standout as it is great value for money. Remember Me had potential but let itself down with its weird lingering aftertaste.

Tasting Notes: “Take me to flavour town!” We all felt it had a nice taste when drinking it, but then were left with a watery aftertaste that made us want to drink some more for it to taste better again.  

BYO Worthy? Yes. If you’re a red fan, this rosé is a must try. It’s of great value for its low cost and that funny aftertaste will make you want to keep drinking.  


Best Canned Wine

Crafters Union Sauvignon Blanc

Crafters Union Sauvignon Blanc – 250ml (12%alc – 2.4 standard drinks) $7.00 per bottle

A refreshing white with hints of citrus that made us want to purchase this wine in a full-sized bottle.  

Verdict:  64/90. This is a “feel-good wine” that’s light and zesty. It leans on being more crisp and sharp tasting but still manages to have notes of sweetness. At 0.34 standards per can, this was the most expensive wine.

Tasting Notes: A really nice light wine but probably not worth its price. Really gorgeous can though.

BYO Worthy? No. Unfortunately, this pricey can won’t get you far at a BYO. Would recommend as a fridge staple to sip with light dinners if you feel like treating yourself.


Overall Rankings


The tested cheap wines

Hopefully our Taste Test helps you the next time you find yourself searching for the tastiest and cheapest bottle of wine.