Going with the grain


Ever wanted to explore more of your country but camping just isn’t for you? Silostay is the perfect holiday getaway! Located less than an hour outside of Christchurch, this Little River treasure towers above all.


This incredible space uses a minimalist approach to combine clever engineering and eco-friendly principles, creating an experience that you can’t find anywhere else.


Upon arrival, you are greeted by these very unique structures. Originally designed to store grain, they are now used to house a fun filled countryside retreat with incredible views of the hills nearby.


Each silo contains its own kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs bedroom with balcony views that are a must see. The nearby biking tracks and hill walks are a great way to spend your time, but everything you need is inside these wonderful structures.


This shows the exterior of the silo’s and the sheer size of them. Credit: Silostay


This creation by Stuart Wright-Stow showcases an eco-design in many creative ways, starting with their waste water system. By using the energy from toilet paper, sewage, and food waste, they are able to nourish the Tiger worms living on site who then break this waste down. It’s quite satisfying that all your waste, for instance your unused food scraps, are re-gifted to this family of worms.


The next form of sustainability is shown through their use of LED lighting, which lasts five times longer than other forms of lighting. This gives each light a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours.

View from the bedroom in Silo 4, looking out over the hills

If this isn’t enough to prove their dedication to sustainability, the insulation in each of the silos is also made of sheep wool. It is lesser grade sheep wool, taken from the sheep’s nether regions, which is unlikely to be used for other products. This design makes the most of a material that would otherwise go to waste.  They are also quick to reassure that “no animals were harmed in keeping silo inhabitants warm and cozy”.


The other heating system used in these silos is at the forefront of sustainable living. Pellets made from wood waste are used by the main boiler to produce hot water and heating systems to each silo. This pellet boiler system is likely to be a very popular producer of energy in the future for New Zealand.

Shows the hot water connection to the shower which is heated from the pellet boiler system. Credit: Silostay

Silostay is a must-visit for any New Zealander wishing to explore the more environmentally conscious aspect of our country. You can enjoy a unique and relaxing eco stay while knowing that a positive impact is being left on the environment.


State Highway 75, 4243 Christchurch Akaroa Rd, Little River 7591