8 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Hayleigh Scott


If you’re looking to indulge in some seriously impressive food pornography that’s sure to get your digestive juices flowing, or perhaps craving some culinary inspiration so you can do your own experimenting in the kitchen, then feast your eyes on these eight stunning Instagram food accounts that’ll leave you feeling insatiable!


1. @halfbakedharvest

This foodies’ Instagram feels homely and bucolic, with stunning, rustic-style presentation and mouth-watering homestyle recipes. She emphasises good homemade food, real ingredients and fresh, organic produce to create gourmet savoury dishes, beautiful cakes and fruity cocktails! Recipes include her ‘Artichoke Pesto and Burrata Pizza’, ‘Strawberry Hibiscus Margarita’ and ‘Blackberry Lavender Naked Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream’. She has a cookbook available as well as recipes sourced on her website.


Caption: Instagram Feed of @halfbakedharvest / Source: Instagram @halfbakedharvest


  1. @new_fork_city
    This account credits big-time NYC foodie Instagram accounts, featuring HD photos of New York’s best street eats, take-outs and delicious cuisine meals and treats from top restaurants and eateries. It captures the vibrant and exciting essence of New York’s food scene. In a melting-pot city, @new_fork_city showcases the traditionally American and globally-inspired food in NYC which promises something for everyone.
Caption: Instagram Feed of @new_fork_city / Source: Instagram @new_fork_city


  1. @jshealth
    Jessica Sepel is a holistic nutrition expert and founder of the ‘JSHealth’ app and program. Focusing on healthy recipes made super simple, this user promotes a positive relationship with food, balance over restriction and the benefits of intuitive eating. She discredits food extremes, fads or diets, and instead proposes sustainable healthy eating behaviours where your diet is nutrient-rich, whilst still allowing you to treat yourself with indulgent foods mindfully. A lot of recipes are her take on delicious comfort foods like slices, cookies or brownies, but made with healthier alternatives.


Caption: Instagram Feed of @new_fork_city / Source: Instagram @new_fork_city


This user is a chef and self-proclaimed “shoe fanatic”. He reviews delicious food from his travel destinations and uses annotations on his posts to break down the dish. Each of his posts also features a fancy pair of shoes, from his impressive collection of top fashion labels such as Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. With amazing photos and a peek of some cool shoes in every post, this account is definitely a must-follow.


Caption: Instagram Feed of @thehungrygentleman / Source: Instagram @thehungrygentleman


  1. @sugarandsaltcookies

An Instagram account for Australian-based dessert shop Sugar & Salt, this feed offers a gorgeous photographic assortment of baked confectionary treats in pastel hues of pink, blue and lilac. This dessert shop specialises in cakes, doughnuts, macarons and ‘cake pops’, providing a colourful array of beautifully-crafted desserts ideal for those with a sweet-tooth.



Caption: Instagram Feed of @sugarandsaltcookies / Source: Instagram @sugarandsaltcookies


  1. @biancazapatka

An account with exquisite food presentation and excellent photography skills, this foodie specialises in plant-based desserts. She posts delicious vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free recipes for baked cakes, pies, tarts, pancakes, waffles, as well as pasta dishes and quesadilla recipes. She is both a stunning food stylist and recipe creator, and each of her posts are so visually superb they’re almost too good to believe. This impressive feed is impossible to disappoint any discerning foodie or foodie-to-be.


Caption: Instagram Feed of @biancazapatka / Source: Instagram @biancazapatka


  1. @forkandtruffle
    An account for the seriously brave and endearing meat-eater, this meat loving foodie posts snaps of the ultimate American cheat meals. Not for the faint-hearted, simply looking at this feed will raise your cholesterol. Primarily it features loaded burgers and fried chicken, and quite often a monster mash of both! Sure to leave you drooling, this feed is a shrine to New York’s best gourmet burger and fried chicken outlets.
Caption: Instagram Feed of @forkandtruffle / Source: Instagram @forkandtruffle


  1. @thehungrywarrior
    For all the plant-based foodies out there, the expert food stylist who runs this account creates delicious vegan recipes and posts beautiful images. This foodie makes veganism look both easy and appetising. Some of her recipes include ‘Carrot Cake Pancakes’, ‘Creamy Miso Soba Noodles’ and ‘Freshly Baked Cinnamon Braids with Orange Maple Glaze’. For an aspiring vegan this account is sure to provide some great inspiration.
Caption: Instagram Feed of @thehungrywarrior / Source: Instagram @thehungrywarrior