Educators TV Show – What You Need to Know

Janee-Lea Mouatt

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As you may have picked up from the title, I am reviewing a television series about school teachers. Don’t change the channel, because Educators is super funny, very well written and embraces actors that are all well suited to their roles.

Educators is an unscripted comedy/drama broadcast on TVNZ On Demand which can be found through either the TVNZ website or on the TVNZ application.

I hadn’t heard about the television programme Educators until just recently. I’ll admit that before I started watching this series I was a little bit sceptical, but I decided to give it a go and it honestly it did not disappoint. I watched all four episodes (that were available at the time) and enjoyed every single minute of it.

Based in a typical Kiwi secondary school, the series takes a look at the lives of teachers, highlighting the banter that they share between themselves during a normal school day and humorously making a bit of a joke about themselves along the way. It makes for television that is interesting and exciting to watch.

We are only in the midst of its first season, with each episode released so far currently available for viewing on the platform you choose. With a new one every Wednesday, each short episode runs for around 15-16 minutes, which makes for easy viewing.

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Educators is classed as ‘ML’ for a mature audience with some language that may offend. There is also a lot of dark humour throughout the show.

Focusing predominantly around four teachers and their daily lives at a state school, it provides a look into the profession of education. At the heart of the show is Jackie Van Beek (who has starred in other NZ television series and movies such as The Breaker Upperers), playing a Careers Advisor and Guidance Counsellor called Robyn Duffy. Robyn is super inappropriate and very unreasonable with her students.

Most of the starring teachers come across as rude and demanding of the kids in their classes and the people they come across. Every teacher has a no-filter type personality, making a joke out of everything and seemingly doesn’t take their kids seriously at all. You could go so far as to say some of the teachers in this programme bully their students, as controversial as it sounds.

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While it all seems so harsh and questionable with this description, it is actually a refreshing watch in the PC world that we live in today, even if the storyline isn’t an entirely adequate depiction of what happens behind our school doors.

I’m not completely sure it would be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you aren’t one to get offended too easily, I predict you’ll see the humour in it too.

Overall, I find the programme incredibly funny and thoroughly enjoyable. It receives extra credit for being homegrown and based in New Zealand too. I would recommend it to anyone who likes television shows based around real life settings and who ever finds the need to watch something with a satirical nature that will make them laugh out loud.