Lotus Heart Restaurant Review

Breffni Naylor


Are you looking for food that is niceand refreshing? Or maybe a meal that gives you a peaceful and transformative experience? If so, you better get to The Lotus Heart, a vegetarian, vegan plant-based restaurant!

At first you might find yourselfa bitfrustrated with how little parking there is, as all the parking is on the street. However, this mood iscompletely eradicated when you step foot in the front door of the restaurant. The Lotus Heart has a very peaceful and spiritual environment. You are greeted by kind, lovely, soft spoken waiters whoguide you to your table – in the main dining room or in either of the front rooms.

The Front Room of the Lotus Heart
The Front Room of the Lotus Heart









Once seated you are provided with an overwhelming menu, full of different ranges of vegetarian and vegan plant-based meals, as well as a comprehensive “Tea Menu” to satisfying any possible tea craving.

I ordered the “Nori Wrap” with a classic pressed orange juice, while my boyfriend ordered the “Student Special – Quesadilla” with the “Cream” flavoured black tea.

The Nori Wrap was a beautiful vegan and gluten free wrap, made with spicy fermented house kimchee, salad, cashew mayo and activated spicy seedsand wrapped in a sheet of toasted Nori seaweed…. but oh boy was that hard to fork up!With the wrap being so delicate, I couldn’t pick it up with my hands without it falling apartand cutting through the seaweed with a knife and fork led to a messy salad disaster.

However, the inside of the wrap was incredible! The cashew mayo mixed through all of the salad made for such a delightful mouthful, and boy did I feel like a health nut after that with all of itsleafy greens and vegetables!Only costing $14.95, I would definitely recommend this if you want a feel good meal.

The Nori Wrap

The Student Special Quesadilla was a wonderful grilled whole wheat tortilla, with an organic refrito bean and cheese filling, and served with salad, salsa, and sour cream. The flavour of organic refrito beans really came through, andoh my were they creamy! Being sandwiched inbetween the soft tortilla, it took you to a warm place of Mexican wonders. Only costing $9.95, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The Cream flavoured black tea was a fine Indian and Ceylon tea flavoured with vanilla and caramel. It was absolutely heavenly!It wasn’t named “Cream” for no reason, this beveragewas so smooth and “creamy”, with perfect hints of vanilla and caramel. It almost didn’t taste like tea at all. I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re after a new tea flavour in your life.

Left:The Student Special Quesadilla                                                         Right: The Cream flavoured black tea

Overall, the experience I had at The Lotus Heart was very enjoyable! However, if you’re not particularly religiously inclined this restaurant may spook you a little and take a bit to get used to. Throughout the restaurant there are little Buddha statuesand the whole vibe of this placefollows suit. If you have no problem with that, I guarantee you will have a lovely,peaceful and satisfyingexperience at the Lotus Heart!

Location: 363 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central

Images by Breffni Naylor and Joel McKenzie