Why you should check out Pure Hair and Body

Sabrina Palmer


When you’re wanting to get your hair done, it’s important to take into consideration the reasons why you’re picking a particular salon. Aside from price, choosing a salon that uses sustainable products is not only benefiting your hair’s health, but also the environment, which in turn benefits your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

The UCLA Sustainability committee defined sustainability as “the physical development and institutional operating practices that meet the needs of present users without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, particularly with regard to use and waste of natural resources. Sustainable practices support ecological, human, and economic health and vitality. Sustainability presumes that resources are finite and should be used conservatively and wisely with a view to long-term priorities and consequences of the ways in which resources are used”.

“ Pure Hair and Body is Christchurch’s leading 91% natural, sustainable organic hair salon. Natural. Organic. Love it!”

Pure Hair and Body is a 91% sustainable, organic and natural hair salon and beauty parlour based in Christchurch. Not only do they create and maintain a strong connection with customers, but they also proudly use and sell sustainable, organic and natural products.


In terms of connecting with customers, Pure Hair and Body do this through a number of ways including:


  1. Informing the public on their sustainable, organic and natural practice

The well-educated staff are more than happy to enlighten you about their products and treatments. They also promote reusability by encouraging clients to come back and refill their bottles and containers with more product.


The Pure Hair and Body website and Instagram page are informative and offer more in-depth information about their products and clients’ options for different kinds of treatments and services. You’ll also find useful information such as the reasonably allocated prices and of course the frequently asked questions, which include “How can I be sustainable, natural, organic?” and “Do our products work?”.



2. Posting appreciation pictures on their Instagram account of clients who have recently had their hair done at the salon.

It’s great to see a hair salon so active across several social media platforms, as it gives the public a chance to check out their work. Pure Hair and Body showcase a range of different styles, cuts and colours across a variety of different people’s hair. This demonstrates that they can treat a bunch of different types of hair, but also gives you the opportunity to have a look at what you could get done for yourself! Additionally, they also post more pictures on their Instagram highlights and stories, so there’s heaps of options for you to use for inspiration!



3. They promote other sustainable, organic and natural products on their Instagram highlights.

This an absolute plus, as it allows the public to explore other brands that take sustainability seriously. It’s also pretty cool to be able to discover healthier and more eco-friendly alternatives to everyday stuff like makeup and clothing, in addition to better hair products and treatment. It not only takes us beyond an ordinary hair appointment, but makes us more consciously aware of the things that we’re investing our money and health into.



“Here at Pure Hair and Body, we believe that in this day and age there is no excuse whatsoever for animal testing. Absolutely none of our products are tested on animals!”

In terms of products that Pure Hair and Body use and sell, it’s important for them to constantly encourage clients to choose the healthier and more sustainable option when taking care of their hair.


  1. How does Pure Hair and Body encourage clients to choose more sustainable and organic products?

“In a nutshell, we encourage clients to choose more sustainable and organic products as they cause so much less harm to the hair, scalp and overall well-being”.


2. What does Pure Hair and Body do that’s sustainable, natural and organic?

“We try to make all of our practices sustainable, natural and organic. In a nutshell:

  • We use paper not foil as an alternative to tinfoil
  • We use sustainable natural organic products
  • We focus on educating staff about sustainable practices”


3. Do you have any advice for those on a budget who are after an affordable yet effective way of taking care of their hair and skin?

 “Investment. Hair care is so important and using good quality products can mean using      less styling products. Most good quality shampoo and conditioners last a long time when used correctly so they are worth it.”


A list of the products they use can be found on their website and Instagram page:
Pure Hair