Surrogacy Resources


New Zealand Legislation

Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act

Status Of Children Act

New Zealand Cases

Re Arnold (2015)

Re Cobain (2015)

Re Henwood (2015)

Re Kirkpatrick (2015)

Minkov v Caldwell (2014)

Re Bishop (2014)

Re Kennedy (2014)

Re Reynard (2014)

Re Reynolds (2014)

Re Bowman (2013)

Re Malone (2013)

Re MSK (2013)

Re TTK (2013)

Re CGL (2012)

Re DMW (2012)

Re LMB (2012)

Re SCR (2012)

Re ALH (2011)

Re BWS (2011)

Re KR (2010)

Re KJB (2009)

Re KSM (2009)

Re C (2007)

Re L (2002)


Other Useful Links

ACART Guidelines On Surrogacy

ECART Website

Department of Immigration Surrogacy Information

Departments of Immigration, Child Youth and Family and Internal Affairs International Surrogacy Information Sheet



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