Teaching professional development opportunities in February

As part of UC’s renewed strategic focus on professional development in teaching, Academic Development, E-Learning Support and the Student Support units will be starting a series of short (90 minute) workshops aimed at teaching staff starting next week. These workshops will cover commonly encountered teaching issues and dovetail with existing professional development offerings through HR Learning & Development.

For February, we have the following workshops on offer:

Supporting the student transition to universityTue, Feb 410:00 – 11:30Rehua 103
Authentic assessmentTue, Feb 42:00 – 3:30Rehua 103
Engaging students during lectureWed, Feb 59:00 – 12:00Rehua 101
Web conferencing for teaching and learningWed, Feb 52:00 – 3:30Rehua 529
Providing pastoral support for studentsWed, Feb 121:00 – 2:30Forestry Lectorial F1
Working with international studentsThu, Feb 1312:00 – 1:30Rehua 329
Supporting English as Additional Language studentsMon, Feb 1710:30 – 12:00Beatrice Tinsley 112
Principles of course designFri, Feb 212:00 – 3:30Rehua 530

The full list of workshops, dates and times and registration for semester 1 can be found here. For queries, contact Erik Brogt (Academic Development) or Nick Ford (E-Learning Support).