UCGO app staff profile – log in now!

In response to COVID-19, a dedicated UCGO staff profile has been accelerated through development and released today. You can now log in to the staff profile using your staff log in details.

If you haven’t downloaded UCGO, do it now. If you have downloaded and logged into UCGO previously, you can log out and log back into the staff profile.

Your staff profile will look like this.

The UCGO staff profile is a great way to keep up with UC’s COVID-19 daily updates from your phone. It is also one of our main channels of communication with staff and students in the event of a campus wide incident. Given the speed of development final testing is still taking place and we’re asking for your help in ironing out any final issues by providing feedback. You can submit feedback through the app settings or if you are unable to log in please log a ticket through the self-service portal.


Communication during a campus wide incident:

In the event of a campus-wide incident messages will be sent to staff and students using emergency push notifications through the UCGO app. To receive these communications it is essential you allow push notifications for UCGO – you will not receive any push notifications via UCGO for any other reason than a campus-wide incident or emergency.

Download UCGO from the App Store and Google Play now.

Tools on the staff profile include:

  • Intercom blog
  • Daily COVID-19 information
  • UC Maps
  • Getting Around
  • UC Social
  • V-Plate
  • Campus Safety
  • Library
  • Key UC Dates
  • Emergency push notifications