One thought on “Wellbeing tips”

  1. Two top notch advice would be:

    1> Sleep well – Your body and mind need it.
    While it might seem like an obvious advice, we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of this issue. Our body needs sleep in order to renew its resources and function properly on both physical and mental levels. Moreover, sleep regulate the production of various hormones and chemicals in the brain, so our mood and emotional state directly affected by the lack of it. Listen to your body and figure out how many hours of sleep is needed specifically for you.

    2> Balance your diet – Fuel your body and mind to perform better.

    This is one of those health tips that is not very easy to follow, but it is an essential one. The quality and quantity of food that we consume determines how well our inner systems will work. The deficiency of some vital elements can lead to some serious health problems, as well as to emotional distress and even depression. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can, include nuts and lentils into your diet, and try to avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and processed foods.

    Hope Covid19 issue would be resolved soon and everything gets back to normal but until Keep yourself safe by following simple well being practice.


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