Data Science Projects for UC Staff

Business men in a dark room standing in front of a large data display

Data Science combines mathematics, statistics, computing, technology innovation, and practical results.

The College of Engineering is looking to engage with UC staff, to collaborate on projects they may not normally have time, or the resources, to consider. To help staff with the cleaning, processing, predictive modelling, interpretation and visualisation of their data.

Every year the students on the Master of Applied Data Science (MADs) course complete a 12 week project for project partners. This project delivers the project owner with valuable insights into their data.

In the past we have worked with; Product Design, GeoHealth, Recreation Centre, Digital Humanities, EPECentre, central IT, and Student Care. This year we want to encourage even more university staff to take advantage of this opportunity.

What could be requested as a project?

A project could be almost anything that you want to understand better, and can identify data for. Two examples of past projects are:

  1.  The Geohealth team to look at “Geospatial analyses of immunisation in New Zealand”.
  2. Thomas Li (with funding from NZTA) did a study with several students on “Road surface deformation classification using deep learning” and “Image segmentation for potholes using deep learning”
What will this cost?

There is a no expectation that you will pay students to work on your project. If you have available funding it would be greatly appreciated.

Find out more information?

You can find out more about this opportunity in our MADS Engagement Brochure 2020   

or contact the MADs team

Nicholas Ward, James Williams, or Phil Davies