URL change to staff blog

The staff blog url is changing to reflect the name, Tū ki te tahi (formerly  Intercom). 

This change is taking place on Monday 17 August, which means the blog may be out of action at some point that day. 

There will be a redirect set up for two weeks.
This means that you will still be able to access Tū ki te tahi via the old url (blogs.canterbury.ac.nz/intercom), however after Friday 4 September this redirect will no longer be in use.

Please use the next two weeks to ensure you have the new url bookmarked, and please ensure that there are no blogs linked on external sites (such as the website). 

Following that last instruction, please note:
Tū ki te tahi is a noticeboard based channel, and all posts are archived and hidden from the blog in January each year. This means that no blogs should be linked on other websites as they will only be accessible for a year.