Congratulations to UC Civil and Natural Resources Engineer Dr Gabriele Chiaro, who has been presented with the 2020 NZSEE Otto Glogau 2020 Award for the best earthquake engineering paper published in the Bulletin of the NZSEE within the previous three years.

The paper ‘Reconnaissance report on geotechnical and geological aspects of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, Japan’ discusses the types and extent of landslides and other ground damage triggered by the Kumamoto earthquakes in April 2016, and the consequent damage to infrastructure and the built environment. It also discusses the observations in the context of New Zealand, helping to identify where similar hazards and impacts could occur, as well as providing insights on how to mitigate against such hazards.

The paper was co-authored by Gavin Alexander (Beca Ltd.), Brabhaharan Pathmanathan (WPS Opus), Chris Massey (GNS), Junichi Koseki (University of Tokyo), Suguru Yamada (Osaka City University) & Yudai Aoyagi (University of Tokyo).

Dr Chiaro (Team Leader) and his team during the 2016 NZSEE “Learning for Earthquake” mission in Kumamoto, Japan

“I’m happy our paper was well-received by New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, particularly for the technical outcomes and recommendations we provided that contribute to reducing the impacts of earthquakes on NZ communities,” Dr Chiaro says.

Dr Gabriele Chiaro has been presented with the 2020 NZSEE Otto Glogau Award.