Mental Health Awareness Week and Staff Wellbeing

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week! To celebrate MHAW this year, each day of the week is inspired by Te Whare Tapa Whā. Imagine your wellbeing through the whare by exploring each aspect as we move through the week together!

Rahina / Monday: 

The theme for Monday is taha whānau/family and social wellbeing. Taha whānau is the people we care about, who recharge us and make us feel we belong. Take notice of how you feel around certain people. Do some people make you feel exhausted and drained? Whereas others enhance your energy? Whānau isn’t just our immediate relatives it can include our friends, colleagues, iwi or community.

  • How can you recharge with others today?
Rāta / Tuesday:

The theme for Tuesday is taha wairua/spiritual wellbeing. Taha wairua is about taking notice and appreciating the beauty around us. For some, wairua is faith or a higher power. We encourage you to think about what wairua means to you and ways to strengthen it.

  • How do you take notice and rediscover everyday things around you?
Rāapa / Wednesday:

The theme for Wednesday is taha whenua our connection to the land. It’s soil, plants, animals and people – tangata whenua. It’s the earth through which you are connected to your tūpuna/ancestors.

  • Can you return to nature today? Or spend time in nature today?
Rāpare / Thursday:

The theme for Thursday is taha tinana. Taha tinana is about how your body feels and how you care for it. Refuelling your body helps you to feel mentally well. What’s important is that you do what you can to nurture it.

  • How you can refuel your body today? Or take some time out for yourself?

 Rāmere / Friday:

The theme for Friday is taha hinengaro. Taha hinengaro is about your mind, heart, conscience, thoughts and feelings. Just like your physical health, your hinengaro needs to be nurtured. Hinengaro is what you do to stimulate and refresh your mind so you can better cope with the ups and downs of life.

  • Can you take a moment to stimulate and refresh your mind today?  

Supporting Wellbeing here at UC 

We would also like to take this opportunity to take a pulse of our staff Wellbeing and invite you to complete a short survey. By participating you will be helping to inform opportunities for follow up as we look for ways to continue to support staff Wellbeing.

Survey link: