Changes in memory of Mason Pendrous

In honour of Mason Pendrous’ memory a number of changes have been implemented at UC and UC-affiliated student accommodation. UC has gone beyond the nine recommendations in the Toogood report and implemented a new Success Framework that has a particular focus on transitioning from high school to university.

The University of Canterbury has been in touch with Mason’s family, including with his father Steve Pendrous and step-parents Anthony and Teresa, and his student peers to offer support around this time. There is a place of reflection and a cherry tree dedicated to Mason’s memory in the historic Ilam Gardens. In January, when the Toogood Report was released, UC provided it in full to several family members and offered the opportunity for further conversation. The University also contacted Mason’s family last month to discuss private arrangements to unveil a plaque.

In September and October 2019, UC provided accommodation, facilitated a tree planting and memorial service for friends and family, facilitated a tour of the UC environment, and this year invited Mason’s family back to visit the Ilam Gardens memorial site.

Student accommodation and care
UC and CLV have reviewed and addressed all of the nine independent Toogood report recommendations. The agreements were embedded in formal documentation, which also addresses the requirements of the Education (Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students) Interim Code of Practice 2019.

  • The new agreement has a schedule of reporting required by UC.
  • The Resident Assistant (RA) ratios have been increased in agreement with UC.
  • CLV has invested in new technology to support welfare tracking and as a repository for notes on student interactions for incidents and follow-up engagement.
  • UC has ensured CLV are actively involved in UC’s ACE system (see below) and their new incident management system was designed with input from UC support services.

There’s a new management structure onsite at all CLV-managed accommodation. UC and CLV agree that villages accommodating first-year students should have a suitably trained Village Manager (not an RA) onsite. CLV have restructured their service provision, which includes dedicated community staff and Village Managers for Ilam Apartments, Sonoda and University Hall. They have staff in each hall’s office during the day to support students.

CLV have agreed to additional pilots, including:

  • Monitoring door access
  • Monitoring meal attendance
  • System for students to indicate absences from the halls

Analytics for Course Engagement (ACE)

UC has also implemented a new system to better support all students for academic success and to improve identification and support of students at risk.

UC has implemented a new platform that provides students and staff with an enhanced real-time view of online engagement with learning systems. The Analytics for Course Engagement system, or ACE, draws data from student engagement with course materials, assignments, and Echo360 in combination with a dedicated coordinator to follow-up with students who appear not to be engaging. Every first-year student taking 100-level courses has access to an ACE dashboard for each of their courses, helping them to better understand whether they are on track to succeed in their studies.

ACE uses a comparative measure, showing students how their engagement is tracking compared to their classmates. Students can view their engagement dashboard on UC’s Ako | LEARN website. (More information on ACE here.)

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