Action needed to access your emails from 4 February

UC, like most institutions and organisations around the world, is regularly targeted by people who would like to hack your email. These attacks are managed on a daily basis by our systems and IT teams.

To assist this work, we are moving to a higher level of security for our email. Those of you who have now migrated to Exchange Online will have received communications regarding the upcoming enabling of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), which adds an additional layer of protection.

A pre-step for the switching on of MFA, is to switch on something called ‘Modern Authentication’. Leaving aside the technical aspects, Modern Authentication will make life easier for us when we start using MFA.

We will be switching on Modern Authentication next Thursday morning, 4 February. If you use Outlook on a Windows machine, you will receive a login prompt to log back into your email when you next restart Outlook – after Modern Authentication has been activated. [You will not receive any prompts if you access email via a web browser, i.e. webmail, mobile devices (any email apps) or on a Mac.]

The login screen is the same as the login screen for the new Exchange Online / Office365 webmail. Please ensure you use your full email address as the username, and your usual email password.

Our cyber security messages have encouraged you to be very cautious about emails asking for logins. This message is to reassure you that the Outlook login request following Modern Authentication is not a scam. In fact, if you don’t login again, you won’t be able to access your emails.

Please contact the IT Service Desk on 0508 824 843 or 03 3695000 (extn 95000) if you have any questions or issues.

Steve Dunn, Exchange Online Project Manager