UC’s People and Culture Bot email address is changing

Last year, the UC Intelligent Automation team in partnership with People and Culture introduced Rosie – a Robotic Assistant who provides timely automated notifications to staff and managers regarding employment-related events. You may have seen an email come through from Rosie already.

We’re just about to update the email address that Rosie will use to send you correspondence from rpaprod@canterbury.ac.nz to noreply-pcrobotic@canterbury.ac.nz so that it will be easier for you to tell that these emails are from Rosie.

You will also be able to tell if an email is from Rosie based on the email signature that will contain the sign-off “Rosie – Robotic Assistant on behalf of the People and Culture Team”. People and Culture team are on available to assist with any specific queries you may have regarding Rosie or any communication generated from Rosie.