Staff Flu Vaccines 2021

This year the UC Health Centre (UCHC) will only be offering flu vaccines to UCHC registered patients, to ensure we have full knowledge of each patient’s vaccination status, and to avoid clashes between the timing of flu vaccines and Covid-19 vaccines.  From mid-April we expect to have flu vaccines available for people aged over 65 years and other eligible people. The Ministry of Health has requested that we prioritise these groups of people. We have identified those eligible and have started making contact with them. We expect vaccines to be available to registered patients under 65 years old from mid-May but this may be subject to change, at the Ministry’s direction.

Contact: UCHC on 03 369 4444, if you are a registered patient and have any questions about flu vaccinations.

Options for staff NOT registered with UC Health Centre:

As already mentioned, eligible people are entitled to receive a government funded flu vaccine. Staff who are eligible can arrange to have a vaccination through their own medical practice from mid-April through to 31st December 2021.

This year, all Continuing and Fixed-Term staff who are not eligible for a government funded vaccine or are not UCHC registered patients, will receive a flu vaccine voucher by email, which may be redeemed by making an appointment at any participating  Green Cross Health Pharmacy. Uniquely coded vouchers will be sent electronically to staff UC email addresses within the next few weeks. Flu vaccines should be available from 17th May but this may be subject to change, at the Ministry of Health’s direction. Vouchers are not transferrable to other people. If you receive a voucher, but you are a UC Health Centre patient or are  eligible for a government funded vaccine through your own medical practice, please do not redeem the voucher.

Contact: if you are not registered with UCHC and have any questions about flu vaccine vouchers.

Important information:

Medical practices have two vaccination programs to work to, depending on whether and/or when patients receive their Covid-19 vaccines. Under 65 year olds require a different brand of flu vaccine than over 65 year olds. Both vaccines protect against the same flu variants, but the one for over 65 year olds is manufactured to prompt a more active response. This is because over 65 year olds have a less responsive immune system. Flu vaccines and Covid-19 vaccines must be separated by 2 weeks, and the two requisite doses of Covid-19 vaccine must be given a month apart. Staff who receive a  voucher and have recently had a Covid-19 vaccination should discuss this with their Green Cross Health Pharmacy, before making an appointment to have the flu vaccine.