Have your students had their say?

The UCount Survey for 2021 has been running for two weeks now, providing students with an opportunity to have their say. The response rate is currently sitting at 15%, compared with last year’s total response rate of 34%. With one week to go, we need your help to improve response rates!

You can encourage your students to get involved by sending an email reminder out to students in your school, or by telling them in class. Remember, there’s heaps of great prizes up for grabs! Attach the prize list below and let your students know that their feedback matters. The UC School of Business has sent out a targeted reminder to students including the prize list, and we saw a responses from this!

Remember, the UCount survey feeds into multiple ESI dashboards, which are accessible to all staff. These dashboards include particular information on the experiences of thesis students, graduates, as well as course-taking students’ perceptions of teaching quality and engagement, and much more.

For any questions, or if you would like ESI to come speak to your team about student survey data, please email Ellie Kay and Elyse Thompson at surveys@canterbury.ac.nz.