Comparison is the Thief of Joy – Or is it?

Actually, Ako Marake think that comparison can offer incredible insights into students’ diverse experiences at the University of Canterbury.

From the beginning of Ako Marake’s foray into using data dashboards for reporting, staff have expressed the desire for direct comparison amongst cohorts of interest (“How can I see my department’s international and domestic students’ scores right next to each other to easily compare?“).  We could see the value and ease of direct comparison, but this remained a longstanding item on the to-do list.

During a recent period of dashboard re-development, in combination with a bit of knowledge and a lot of determination, we are very happy to announce that direct comparison is here (in some dashboards, anyways!). Specifically, the Learning & Teaching  and Postgraduate Experience Dashboards.

For example, users are now able to select on a department, and quickly see the Learning & Teaching indicators across all subjects and programmes within that department; see (redacted) below  example:

screenshot of Learning & Teaching dashboard new updates

With these updates, users can compare across departments, schools, colleges, or programmes, and easily switch amongst layer views using the buttons above the graph.

You can also click to compare by demographics, including comparison by age, ethnicity, fee type, first year/non-first year, and self-reported study location. The insights are truly endless!

We understand that these are big changes and that it might seem confusing. A member of the ESI team would be happy to come talk with you and your team; reach out to Ellie and Elyse at with any questions or comments.