Seminar: Not just Quarantine

Not just Quarantine: Biosecurity Risk Management in the 21st Century

Who: Andrew Robinson, CEBRA, University of Melbourne.

When: 8th July,  2pm – 2.45pm (1400‐1445), with opportunity for discussion until 4pm (1600).

Where: F3 School of Forestry.

There will be social time at staff club afterwards (at own cost) for those who wish to catch up with other researchers of biosecurity.

Outline: Biosecurity focuses on protecting countries and regions against invasive pests, which are recognized by IUCN-World Conservation Union as the second most important cause of species extinction worldwide – and the main cause on islands.  CEBRA is the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, jointly funded by the Australian and New Zealand governments to provide advice and develop tools for biosecurity risk analysis.  Our research focuses on developing and implementing tools to assist in the management of biosecurity risk at national and international levels.  I will describe in ringing terms a few showcase projects, underline some of our soaring successes, brush dismissively over our few dismal failures, and trawl evasively through the lessons that we’ve learned.  

Biography: Andrew Robinson is Managing Director of the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA), and Professor in Applied Statistics at the University of Melbourne. He spends much of his time thinking about biosecurity at national borders, including analysing inspection and interception data using statistical tools, designing and trialling inspection surveillance systems, developing metrics by which regulatory inspectorates can assess their performance, and discussing all of the above with interested parties over beer with sufficiently high IBU.

I strongly encourage you to consider attending Andrew’s seminar as he is a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker that will be happy to discuss broad aspects of biosecurity and tailor these discussions to your interest after the main seminar. It will be a great talk.
– Steve Pawson, UCBI.

COVID: If the current global biosecurity response prevents Andrew from leaving Melbourne, we will still gather for a zoom seminar at the same venue with options to link in from your own office or lounger.

More information here: SeminarRobinson8thJuly2021>

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  1. NOTE: This seminar has been postponed as our visitor is affected by the Victoria-NZ travel pause.

    A new date will be announced shortly.

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