What’s happening?

We will be completing a rolling upgrade of our Isilon file storage which serves (including P Drive, K Drive). 

When is it happening?

Start: Saturday 17 July 9am
End:  Saturday 17 July 5pm

How does this affect me?

Each node will reboot one at a time with the upgrade occurring over 8 hours and is unknown when each reboot will occur. Most clients will only be impacted by one of the 8 reboots. 

When the node you are connected to reboots, clients will experience the following impact: 

SMB (Server Message Block) protocol used for file sharing (Windows Share):

  • Connection will drop 
  • The application may send an error message 
  • The client can immediately re-establish the connection to another Isilon node by starting a new connection to 

It is recommended to avoid working on on this day if possible, to avoid any impact from the upgrade. 

 Note: If you are using Offline Files for your P Drive on a laptop while off the network you will not be impacted. 

What should I do if I think there’s a problem afterwards?

Please visit the Assyst Portal to raise a ticket.

Who can I contact if I need more info?
Please contact: Dave Ewing

Reference detail Change Number: R86031