TextHelp available now!

Staff and students struggling with reading, understanding and students remembering their course material can now benefit from TextHelp Read & Write. 

This support software is free for all UC students to use, and can help them personalising their learning and getting back on track with their studies. TextHelp Read & Write can be used to:

  • Hear words, passages or whole documents read out loud
  • Use speech to create documents
  • Use text and picture dictionaries to help with difficult passages
  • Convert documents into MP3 files
  • Check grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Remove ads from webpages that can be distracting

Click here to preview TextHelp

TextHelp can be installed at home on a PC, Mac or any other personal device:

[To use TextHelp R&W in Google Chrome, click on the extension icon to the right of the Address Bar and select Read&Write extension.]

Make a Quick Start or take the TextHelp Video Tours

For technical support, write to TextHelp or AssistTech  

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