Nuggets of Wellbeing wisdom nuggets to boost your oxytocin – Pillar 3: Connect

Have you been staying active and creative since the last Pillar, “Do”? Don’t stress if you haven’t. It takes time to adapt to new habits, just remember to take it step by step. 

Today, we would like to share more wellbeing wisdom and introduce you to the third Pillar: Connect.  

It is proven that loneliness has negative impacts on our mental health. So, it’s important we set our focus on connecting today. When we connect with others, we boost our oxytocin, which is one of the four “feel good” brain chemicals that are good for our mental health. Here are some examples of how we can stay connected:  

  • Make time for the important people in our lives
  • Give the people we love our full attention 
  • Connect with characters we like through reading a book or watching tv

The trickiest part is that even though you think you are connected, you might not be. E.g. using social media can be misleading in making us feel connected. 

Watch The 6 Pillars: Connect to find out more on connecting with others and what to keep in mind. You can also find great content and activities on the Mentemia app, which you can download in your phone’s app store. You can read how to download it here.  

Dr Crichton, a research psychologist, explains the research behind the app’s seemingly simple activities and reminders. Each activity is evidence-based and very effective in addressing chronic stress. You can watch her full video here.  

Next time: Pillar 4: Move