Summary of the Workshops on Academic Structure

On the 15-16 July, all UC staff had the opportunity to attend a workshop to participate in consultation with Tumu Whakarae | Vice-Chancellor Professor Cheryl de la Rey on the outcome of the future of the academic structure, which has previously been discussed with Academic Board.

The proposed model for discussion was compromised of seven faculties (Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Health, Law and Science), which would function as sub-committees of Academic Board. Each faculty would have a leader called an Executive Dean and would be assisted by Associate Dean roles, depending on necessity and size.

The objective of the workshop was to receive feedback to improve on the academic structure model to best enable UC’s Strategic Vision. Around 80 professional/general staff and 52 academic staff attended. They were encouraged to signal what attributes of resource allocation and leadership would be needed to ensure the success of the proposed academic structure. Attendants were also asked to identify weaknesses of the model and provide solutions as to how these could be mitigated.  

Questions and suggestions raised during the workshop have been categorised into the following themes: 

  • Distinction from the current college structure
  • Success of the model dependent on revised leadership descriptions
  • Challenges of faculties
  • Working with faculties
  • Cross-faculty roles
  • Integration of academic structure with other roles
  • Key points of successful academic structure and measurement of its success

You can read the full workshop summary, including the questions and suggestions, here