Stay active or relax with the RecCentre team online for FREE!

When life is challenging, we all know that a little exercise can go a long way to finding balance and improving our sense of wellbeing.   It can be hard sometimes to find routine or accountability, especially when we can’t go to our usual class, PT or walk and talk with a friend outside of our bubble!  We may just have a solution, drumroll please….

Classes and meditation with the UC RecCentre for FREE

We are delighted to offer all UC Staff the opportunity to join us online for livestreamed classes via the Rec&Sport app! 

  • Daily 15min guided meditation at 12.15pm weekdays 
  • Daily group fitness classes (check the schedule in-app) including HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, KO, TBC, BAT and of course, Zumba! 
  • The beauty of a livestream is that once it’s gone, it’s GONE!  We don’t save it, so you need to commit to your wellbeing by booking in,  turning up and giving it a go at the time scheduled.  Great to have something to look forward to and reset. 
  • You can also interact with the instructor and other class members before and after, just like a zoom call.   
  • Bonus, you’ll get to see a vast array of lovable furry friends and not so furry kids joining in (or being used as weights!)  
  • Access to other app features like Workout of the Day, Week and month (and they have wee videos to show you what to do) 
  • Or try an OnDemand Technogym class in your own time  
How do you sign up? 
  • Easy – download the UC Rec&Sport app to your smartphone or tablet 
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT please use your UC EMAIL
    If you don’t, we won’t know you are staff, and you won’t be granted access. 
  • That’s it.  Once we’ve activated your account, you’ll have full access to all features.  This could take up to 24hours, but we will do our very best to get to it faster than that, so keep checking in. 
  • If you don’ t have access inside 24hours (weekends excluded), flick us an email or facebook message and we’ll look into it
Once you’ve got access:
  • Browse the online timetable in the ‘Timetable Section’
  • Find classes you’d like to try, and select ‘remind me’ 
  • You’ll get a notification 1hour before class to remind you AND
  • another one when the trainer arrives to open the class.  Once the class is opened, head into the app and select ‘join now’. 
  • It works a lot like zoom – so you can choose to turn your microphone and camera off or on, so if you’re having troubles, just speak to the instructor live and we’ll help you out – trust us, you’re not alone! 
  • Your access will be granted until September 30th, 2021 ABSOLUTELY FREE.  No strings, no problems!  

That’s it!  We hope to see you in a virtual class with us soon! Once again, if you have any troubles getting started, please message us and we’ll reach out and give you a hand. 

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina