Student Choice Award Finalists

This year we received 230 nominations from students, who shared some amazing stories about UC staff who they’d like to celebrate!

Since 1995, the UCSA Student Choice Awards (formerly Staff of the Year Awards) have given students the opportunity to nominate staff members who have gone above and beyond and made a real difference to their university experience. This encompasses lecturers, supervisors, administrators, and other non-academic staff members on the UC campus.

The UCSA and the Student Choice Award committee are excited to announce the following staff members as finalists for the 2021 Student Choice Awards (in alphabetical order):

Lecturer of the Year: College of Arts
Phillip Borell
Serena Kelly
Donald Matheson
Antonio Viselli

Lecturer of the Year: College of Business and Law
Ruth Ballantyne
Anna Earl
Stephen Todd
Debra Wilson

Lecturer of the Year: College of Education, Health and Human Development
Jenny Clarke
Kari Kururangi
Rachel Maitland
Christoph Teschers

Lecturer of the Year: College of Engineering
Adrian Clark
Phillipa Gourdie
Robin Lee
Christopher Price

Lecturer of the Year: College of Science
Jim Briskie
Maggie-Lee Huckabee
Angus McIntosh
Greg O’Beirne

Administrator of the Year
Kylie Boyd
Alison Lowery
Julie Scott
Patricia Ydgren

Great Character
Phillip Borell
Te Hurinui Clarke
Lyndon Fraser
Eric Mouhica

Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year
Lyndon Fraser
Anushia Inthiran
Annie Potts
Thomas Woods

Superstar Award
Grant Buchanan
Jarrod Gilbert
Sanna Malinen
Heather Wolffram

Support Services Staff Member of the Year Award
Theresa Buller
Jonie Chang
Ruth MacAskill
Philippa Martin

Technical Staff Member of the Year Award
Daniel Bishop
Siale Faitotonu
Craig Gallilee

The Wellbeing Teaching Award
Ruth Ballantyne
Natalia Chaban
Nicki Dabner
Michael Grimshaw

Make Your Own Award
Dan Bedggood
Adrian Clarke
Michael Grimshaw
Tiina Vares
UC Library Social Media Staff

+ more to be announced on the night 🙂

The Student Choice Awards will be held on October 1 in Haere-roa. Spaces are incredibly limited this year due to the event being held under Alert Level 2 guidelines. Invitations have been sent to nominees, and we request that those who have received them respond ASAP, and consider not bringing a +1 so that as many nominees as possible can attend.

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