StatsNZ Census data user seminars

The StatsNZ 2023 Census Customer Engagement team are hosting seminars for Census data users, with presentations from Census Insights, Methodology and Transformation teams. These technical seminars are intended for more advanced users of census data – for example analysts, researchers, and advisors; from local and central government, educational institutions, and other customers who have an interest in our 2023 Census content, methods and data quality.

Topics have been grouped into two sessions. You are welcome to attend either or both sessions and we will be hosting lunch at our face-to-face sessions.

Dates and locations: 
Wednesday 27 October: Wellington
Thursday 28 October: Online via Zoom
Thursday 4 November: Christchurch
Wednesday 10 November: Online via Zoom
Thursday 11 November: Auckland

To register for a session please fill out the following online form Census Technical User Seminar registration form or email Jessie at

Please note:
Numbers at face-to-face sessions are limited to allow for COVID Alert Level 2 restrictions.  Should any location be at COVID-19 Alert Level 3 or 4, sessions will be moved online or postponed.

Session 1: 10am to 12 o’clock

  1. Census Final Content

A summary of the 2023 Census of Population and Dwellings final content, including what has changed and what is new.

  1. New and updated Concepts

2023 Census will include new and updated gender and sex concepts. This session will provide an opportunity for data users to discuss and provide feedback on:

  • The overall approach to collecting the new concepts
  • Potential imputation methodology
  • Proposed dissemination and products for the new concepts
  • Families and Households and Couples outputs.

Session 2: 1pm to 3.30pm

  1. Combined methodology

The 2023 Census will implement a combined model by design, using admin data to supplement the full field enumeration process. This session will cover our potential use of admin data to fill gaps in the census file, at both the unit and attribute level. We will also note key touch points with the coverage survey and population estimates. We are particularly interested in feedback into variables that may have new or changed data sources and methods, such as:

  • Gender and sex concepts
  • Iwi, ethnicity, Māori descent, languages
  • Activity limitations, housing variables (potential for new alternative sources such as historical census)
  • Any other attributes we identify as candidates for feedback as our work progresses.
  1. Data Quality Measurement and Priority Levels

We will outline our approach to quality reporting including:

  • Reflecting on what we did for 2018, recommendations and how we’re looking to refine this
  • Revised metadata structure and reporting, and how this flows into levels at which quality is reported
  • How we’ve updated our approach to measuring/determining data quality for 2023, This is an opportunity for discussion and feedback on:
    • Quality measures – quality rating scale -> potential revisions
    • Expectations
    • Benchmarks
    • Quality targets
    • Quality statements
  1. Experimental Administrative Population Census (APC)

Introduction to the experimental APC (linked here: experimental APC) which derives census-type information from linked administrative data. We are seeking feedback on:

  • Using the APC data
  • The data sources and methods used to derive the APC
  • What additional variables to include in the 2022 iteration.

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