Erskine Fellow

Associate Professor Claire Davies              is hosted by Dr Debbie Munro in the Department of Mechanical Engineering this semester.


Claire comes to UC from Queen’s University in Kingston where she has been for the past six years after being a senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland from 2009-2015.  Claire is a kiwi citizen (as well as South African, British, and Canadian) which has allowed her and her family to travel here for her sabbatical during COVID.

Claire’s area of interests are: biomedical, biomechanics, human factors, universal design, co-design, interdisciplinary teaching and design. She teaches biomedical engineering design and is working with Debbie Munro.

At UC, the design project in my third-year class is linked to the Christchurch Heart Institute.  Our client has defined a problem and the class is working to design a solution.  Additionally, I’ve been making connections with people with whom I am familiar through their work but have never met.

Claire learned about the Erskine Programme twenty years ago while visiting Canterbury for the first time and seized the opportunity to return to New Zealand.

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