Erskine Fellow Kevin Norton

Associate Professor Kevin Norton is being hosted by Professor Jamie Shulmeister in the School of Earth and Environment.

Kevin has come from Te Herenga Waka, Victoria University of Wellington where he teaches Geomorphology in the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Science. Prior to arriving at VUW, Kevin studied and taught in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland.

Kevin’s area of interest is geomorphology. and geochronology.

“Mountain growth and erosion has always fascinated me (perhaps because I grew up in central Ohio where the highest point on the landscape was the corn silo). I approach this topic from a chemical and physical perspective, to study how rocks weather into soils and how landscape evolve through time. I try to combine my fascination for the Earth with a sound fundamental science approach in my teaching”.

During his Visiting Erskine Fellowship Kevin has been helping teach GEOL246 and sharing his expertise with postgraduate students and colleagues.

Kevin learnt of the Erskine Programme through his contact with Erskine Fellows at his school in Wellington. When the Erskine Programme opened the doors to Erskine Fellows from within New Zealand Kevin saw an opportunity  to make connections with colleagues in the School of Earth and Environment.

“In addition to bringing exceptional teachers and researchers to UC, the programme provides a source for high calibre research talks at other universities. In this sense, the programme benefits science across the country. I agree with Jack Erskine’s view of cross-pollination as a means to improve our teaching and research”.