Was it something I did? Why did they leave us at the end of S1?

Each year around 20% of first years do not return to study at UC the following year. What’s driving the attrition?

The Evaluation & Student Insights team recently surveyed the 7% of first-year “fresher” students enrolled in Semester 1 who did not return to study in Semester 2.

In line with previous surveys, “fear of failure” was the most commonly selected experience of those who left, but the experiences of this latest cohort are varied.

For those that experienced health issues (including stress), nearly 9 in 10 indicated that this was a critical factor in their decision not to return this semester.

Although most of these students indicated that they weren’t likely to return to UC in the future, they were generally positive when asked whether they would recommend studying at UC to their friends and whānau.

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