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Erskine Programme welcomes Visiting Fellows from within New Zealand to UC

While the Erskine Programme remains unable to welcome Visiting Fellows from overseas at the moment, nominations for Visiting Fellows from within New Zealand are being accepted. If you have any questions about hosting a New Zealand-based Erskine Fellow or wish to submit a nomination, please get in touch with the Erskine Programme Office at

We are delighted to wish a very warm welcome to UC to the following New Zealand-based Visiting Fellows in Semester 1, 2021:

  • Dr Michael Kingan, hosted by Mathieu Sellier and John Pearse of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr Kingan is in Christchurch with his family and joins us from the University of Auckland.

  • Dr Yvette Dickinson, hosted by Euan Mason of the School of Forestry.

Dr Dickinson is a Silvicultural Scientist from Scion Research in Rotorua.

  • Dr Shelley MacDonell, hosted by Heather Purdie of the School of Earth and Environment.

Dr MacDonell has been based in Palmerston North for the past year and is a researcher in charge of glaciology at a Chilean research institute.

  • Associate Professor Jenny Cameron, hosted by Kelly Dombroski of the School of Earth and Environment.

Associate Professor Cameron is associated with the University of Newcastle in Australia but is based in Moeraki.

  • Professor Peter Smith, hosted by Marco Reale of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Professor Smith has previously been a Professor of Electrical Engineering at UC and is now a Professor of Statistics at the Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Dr Jessica Kerr, hosted by Roeline Kuijer of the School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing.

Dr Kerr is a Research Fellow with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia. She has recently relocated to New Zealand with her family.

Please give them a warm UC welcome if you come across them on campus.