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Works on Ilam Road Between University Drive and Riccarton Road, and Kirkwood Avenue Intersection.

City Council  information

From Tuesday 8 June for approximately 6 weeks, Ilam Road will be one way southbound from University Drive to Riccarton Road.  This is so the Council can start constructing the new cycleway on both sides of Ilam road.  The current one way system will be extended from Rudleigh Avenue, nort to University Drive.  We know this work is disruptive so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

From Tuesday 8 June, for approximately 2 weeks, Kirkwood Avenue at the Ilam road intersection will be closed.


Intermittent road closure updates

From Friday 9 April until Friday 23 April (subject to weather), work is taking place at the Ilam Road intersection. There will be intermittent closures of Homestead Lane, the Ilam Homestead entrance and UC exit on Ilam Road. One street will always be accessible on the west side of Ilam Road at any one time.

Find everything you need to know here: 210704 UC threshold notice