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Support Your Favourite Charities Through Payroll Giving

Do you ever think about donating to your favourite charity but never seem to get around to it? To make supporting your community easier than ever, UC is launching Payroll Giving which is now available to all UC staff.

Sign up today to support your favourite charity or charities directly through your fortnightly pay.  

How to Sign Up

Click here to sign up for payroll giving. 

The link will take you to a personalised, pre-populated UC form from which you need to:

  1. Select up to three charities you’d like to support
  2. Indicate how much you would like to be deducted from your fortnightly pay

Please contact the charity or charities directly to share the good news. They’ll be delighted to hear from you.  

You can update your preferences at any time to change your contribution amount or stop your donation. To do so, update your preferences on the Payroll Giving form.

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Why Sign Up for Payroll Giving?

With Payroll Giving, a 33.33% tax refund is automatically applied to your fortnightly pay. So if you donate $100 to your preferred charity or charities, that’s a refund of NZ$33.33.

Donating to your favourite New Zealand charities through automatic salary deductions saves you the hassle of submitting a tax-receipt to the IRD at the end of the year. With Payroll Giving your refund is automatic.

Which Charities Can I Support?

Staff recently voted on the charities they’d like to see included in the brand new Payroll Giving programme at UC. While four are available to support now, the rest will be available to select in the new year.

A big thanks to everyone for contributing. We saw a wide range of charities represented and it’s clear how much you care about supporting our community.

Here are the 20 charities you chose to support:

  1. University of Canterbury Foundation
  2. UC Student’s Association (UCSA)
  3. The Volunteer Army Foundation (SVA)
  4. Christchurch Foundation
  5. Christchurch City Mission
  6. St John Ambulance
  7. Kids Can
  8. Aviva
  9. Cancer Society of NZ – Canterbury
  10. Ronald McDonald House – South Island
  11. SPCA
  12. Breast Cancer Research Trust
  13. Salvation Army
  14. Friends of the Arts Centre
  15. NZ Red Cross
  16. Rainbow Youth Inc
  17. Victim Support
  18. Cholmondeley Children’s Centre
  19. Forest and Bird NZ
  20. Air Rescue Trust

Thanks for making a difference. If you have any questions, please contact the UC Foundation at


Supporting our students through COVID19


Since the nationwide lockdown was announced,  UC staff members from across the University have been asking how they can support students experiencing financial hardship because of COVID19.

In response to this outpouring of goodwill, the UC Foundation established the Emergency Student Relief Fund. This Fund is helping students in need of immediate financial assistance.

So far over $6,000 has been donated by staff and alumni around the world. The commitment to our UC community has been remarkable. The UC Foundation would like to recognise the staff members who are making a difference to our students’ wellbeing.  If you’re able and would like to contribute, your support would mean so much to students experiencing financial hardship. 

The Emergency Student Relief Fund is helping students access hardship grants to cover essential bills like rent and wifi to access online learning. Foodbank grants are also available to students in need.

Donations are being channelled through the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare team. They’re doing an outstanding job connecting students to the many channels of support available to them.

The Postgraduate Office is also working with the UC Foundation to make hardship grants available for self-funded UC doctoral candidates needing short-term emergency support. The Kopa Iti grant is available to PhD candidates who have exhausted all other financial options.

If you know any students in need of financial assistance, please encourage them to contact the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare team to find out if they qualify for support. 

Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to the Emergency Student Relief Fund. You are making a difference.

If you have any questions, please contact