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*NEW* IT Service Desk now offering 24/7 phone support!

In response to the changing needs of UC’s staff & students, the IT Service Desk is extending their coverage hours to provide you with 24/7 access over-the-phone to front-line technical support for:

  • Password Resets
  • Zoom/Teleconference support
  • Lost/stolen devices
  • Major Technology Incidents/Outages

The new offering will be available to all UC students, staff and visitors from 13 September 2021. We’re covering our most in-demand, and urgent services in the initial launch, as we continue to grow and develop the service over time, additional services may be added.

 New IT Service Desk coverage hours

Standard operating hours: 

We will continue to provide our extensive in-person and online IT Service Desk offering between 8am – 5.15pm Monday to Friday.

Extend operating hours: 

As of 13 September 2021, an initially limited set of urgent services will be available over-the-phone outside of standard operating hours. 

Between the hours of 5.15pm – 8am Monday to Friday and 24/7 on Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to access support over-the-phone for password resets; zoom/teleconference; lost/stolen devices; major system incident escalation

An Assyst ticket will be raised on your behalf for all requests the extended coverage team are unable to support.  These will be picked-up by our ITS Service team during standard operating hours.

Your support

We’re currently training up a new NZ-based team to provide our extended-hours service. We appreciate your consideration and support in the initial weeks as we bring the team up to speed with our UC systems.

Our Service Desk aspires to provide the University with the right support, anywhere, anytime and we’ll be monitoring and evaluating this new service to ensure it is targeted appropriately to meet your needs. We’ve added a survey link to the email you get when your Assyst ticket is closed, this is a great way to give feedback anonymously if you prefer.


Our contact details remain the same:

If you have questions regarding our new service, please contact Louise Owers.

The need for different ways of working

ITS has a key role to play in enabling the University’s vision Tangata Tu, Tangata Ora – Empowered, Engaged and Making a Difference

As the University moves towards more online initiatives and an increasing global presence, the way we work, study, engage, and connect is changing. 

We are no longer constrained to a 9am – 5pm working day and increasingly, we are seeing a number of academic products and support services being delivered through digital platforms and outside traditional Aotearoa New Zealand business hours. We also acknowledge that with restricted international travel, you may need support out-of-normal hours to join video calls and conferences.

ITS are responding to this need to this by partnering with Datacom to provide the University with extended coverage for key front- line technical support services