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Small Group Training – a fun way to work on your wellness!

Get excited, our instructors have planned the final instalment of Small Group Training for your health & wellbeing for Term 4, and registrations are now open! 

Outdoor bootcamp running tyres
Outdoor Bootcamp with UC Rec&Sport
Why do SGT?

SGT is just that – training in a small and familiar group.  Because you are with the same people each week (and the same instructor) we get to know each other well, and we can tailor things a little better for you. You can also ask more questions to improve your exercise knowledge, and perhaps even make some new friends and acquaintances! All of these things will help you be more consistent, and more likely to keep up a routine throughout the rest of the week. It’s a great way to complement your regular gym workouts, classes and other activities! 

You could take a course doing things you already know, to get better at it (master a skill) or perhaps try something new, to develop some neural pathways! 

What’s on offer? 

Head to our Small Group Training page for all the info on days, times, and what to expect. All courses are five weeks, and commence week beginning September 27th (which means the last week is during Study Week).  

How to sign up – and you don’t have to be a member! 

Simply see our Customer Experience Team at reception to sign up, or you can give us a call on 364 2433. We need to take payment at time of booking, as class size is restricted, to secure your spot. You don’t have to be a member to join a SGT course, but you do receive a discounted rate if you are a member. So, why not take advantage of our great prices to try something new? 

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UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina 




Three top tips to find your exercise groove again

Sometimes we all need a little boost right? It’s all a bit topsy-turvy at the moment, and it can be really hard to get back into a routine, even if we were nailing it pre-lockdown. We get it. Here’s our top tips to help you find your rhythm again.

Exercising at home in lounge
Even just 10mins a day consistently can greatly improve your mood and help you find your exercise mojo again.
1. Phone a friend 

Having an exercise buddy can help keep you accountable – they’re relying on you and you’re relying on them to make it amongst other stellar reasons. You might like to sign up for something new to learn together, or start with something more familiar to you both.   

2. Start small, but repeat often 

If you can set yourself a small goal of a daily meditation, 10mins of yoga or a 10 min intentional walk (not just your commute!) you’ll be laying down good habits to build on.  Consistency is key.  You might even find that after 10mins of fresh air on your walk changes your mood, and you might even go a little further than you expect!  Why not join the Australasian Universities 10,000 steps challenge and help UC win overall, or your department win the UC tournament, by adding your steps? 

3.  Celebrate the wins, no matter how small! 

Success is different for everyone.   For some of us, success could be getting the rehab done 4x per week, for others, it might be 200km on the bike, training for a Coast to Coast.   Our point is, you can set your own targets that make sense for you, and when you reach them, give yourself a pat on the back or a small reward.    

Don’t forget, as UC or UCSA Staff you enjoy a discount on a RecCentre membership every day (around 40% off our full community price).  We also offer off-peak memberships, saving you further, if you exercise before 3pm each day.   We have a huge range of sport and gym based activities for you to try on for size, including all the faves like HIIT training, Yoga, Spin and Zumba.     You can also trial us for 2weeks at no cost.  So what are you waiting for?  We’d love to see you!

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Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 

Stay active or relax with the RecCentre team online for FREE!

When life is challenging, we all know that a little exercise can go a long way to finding balance and improving our sense of wellbeing.   It can be hard sometimes to find routine or accountability, especially when we can’t go to our usual class, PT or walk and talk with a friend outside of our bubble!  We may just have a solution, drumroll please….

Classes and meditation with the UC RecCentre for FREE

We are delighted to offer all UC Staff the opportunity to join us online for livestreamed classes via the Rec&Sport app! 

  • Daily 15min guided meditation at 12.15pm weekdays 
  • Daily group fitness classes (check the schedule in-app) including HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, KO, TBC, BAT and of course, Zumba! 
  • The beauty of a livestream is that once it’s gone, it’s GONE!  We don’t save it, so you need to commit to your wellbeing by booking in,  turning up and giving it a go at the time scheduled.  Great to have something to look forward to and reset. 
  • You can also interact with the instructor and other class members before and after, just like a zoom call.   
  • Bonus, you’ll get to see a vast array of lovable furry friends and not so furry kids joining in (or being used as weights!)  
  • Access to other app features like Workout of the Day, Week and month (and they have wee videos to show you what to do) 
  • Or try an OnDemand Technogym class in your own time  
How do you sign up? 
  • Easy – download the UC Rec&Sport app to your smartphone or tablet 
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT please use your UC EMAIL
    If you don’t, we won’t know you are staff, and you won’t be granted access. 
  • That’s it.  Once we’ve activated your account, you’ll have full access to all features.  This could take up to 24hours, but we will do our very best to get to it faster than that, so keep checking in. 
  • If you don’ t have access inside 24hours (weekends excluded), flick us an email or facebook message and we’ll look into it
Once you’ve got access:
  • Browse the online timetable in the ‘Timetable Section’
  • Find classes you’d like to try, and select ‘remind me’ 
  • You’ll get a notification 1hour before class to remind you AND
  • another one when the trainer arrives to open the class.  Once the class is opened, head into the app and select ‘join now’. 
  • It works a lot like zoom – so you can choose to turn your microphone and camera off or on, so if you’re having troubles, just speak to the instructor live and we’ll help you out – trust us, you’re not alone! 
  • Your access will be granted until September 30th, 2021 ABSOLUTELY FREE.  No strings, no problems!  

That’s it!  We hope to see you in a virtual class with us soon! Once again, if you have any troubles getting started, please message us and we’ll reach out and give you a hand. 

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina 

Fancy a little fitness push this Term?

Term Three is nearly here, which means a new round of Small Group Training courses to stimulate your brain & body! What’s more, you don’t have to be a member of the RecCentre to join in these courses (but you can be!

Rec&Sport Boxing Fitness Classes, part of the Small Group Training programme at the UC RecCentre
What’s new?

Boxing Level 2  – we’ve got a new boxing course, aimed at those with a little more experience. If you’re confident you know your hook from your jab and cross, take your fitness to the next level with more focus on technique that you can use on the bags inbetween sessions.

TRX – with our new rig in the FunZone, we’ve got the fantastic Sarah C back in there delivering a TRX based workout. Amazing for building strength without impact on the body, and suitable for all levels of fitness (that’s the beauty of the TRX!)

We’ve kept the good stuff
The details you need to know
  • Term 3 courses start in Week 2 (from 26th July) and run for five weeks.
  • Payment is required at the time of booking – see our team at reception
  • For days and times, see our Small Group Training pages
  • Classes are small, so you get more help and focus, and you’ll build your skills progressively with the same group of people
  • Our prices may be low (to help you get active) but all of our instructors are qualified in what they deliver, so you are in super safe hands

If you have any questions, please see our reception team or contact our Group Fitness & Customer Service Team Leader. 

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport

Is a half-marathon on your bucket list?

There’s no time like the present! If you’ve got a hankering to run your first (of many, or maybe only!) half-marathon or 10km, why not join our established Run Canterbury community? We provide an outstanding support package to get you over the finish line, at a supremely affordable price point – and you don’t have to be a member of the RecCentre! 

runners completing the dunedin half marathon
Is this your year to tackle your first 10km, 21km or 42km race?  

The Goal 
  • In Semester Two, we tailor our training for the Queenstown Marathon. 
  • You can choose to enter the 10km, 21km or 42km distance, and we’ll provide a comprehensive 14 week training programme to suit your goal and ability 
The support package 
  • Twice weekly pack runs guaranteed, with multiple pace levels, including a new hybrid walk/run for 10km runners 
  • Additional weekend long runs on occasion
  • Social network for chats and support 
  • Experienced pack leaders to guide you through and help pace 
  • 20% discount on your 1/2 marathon entry fee 
  • Discounts at Frontrunner Colombo for your new running shoes! 
The investment 
  • Prices start at $80 for previous participants
  • $95 for UC Staff/Students and RecCentre members first-timers (includes a swish running t-shirt that you’ll be proud of) and
  • $155 for community members (so you can drag your running buddy along, even if they’re not covered by the UC discount rate) 
  • Similar programmes can cost hundreds of dollars, and we’ve been doing this for 20ish years, so we’ve got it down! 
  • Payment plan available, just ask  
When does it start?
  • 17th August! So, you’ve got 1 month to psych yourself up 
  • Check out our Run Canterbury website for more info. 

If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions and allay any concerns you might have.  Remember, you only ‘get fit’ for something by ‘doing that something’! We all have to start somewhere!  

Ngā mihi 
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina