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Fancy a little fitness push this Term?

Term Three is nearly here, which means a new round of Small Group Training courses to stimulate your brain & body! What’s more, you don’t have to be a member of the RecCentre to join in these courses (but you can be!

Rec&Sport Boxing Fitness Classes, part of the Small Group Training programme at the UC RecCentre
What’s new?

Boxing Level 2  – we’ve got a new boxing course, aimed at those with a little more experience. If you’re confident you know your hook from your jab and cross, take your fitness to the next level with more focus on technique that you can use on the bags inbetween sessions.

TRX – with our new rig in the FunZone, we’ve got the fantastic Sarah C back in there delivering a TRX based workout. Amazing for building strength without impact on the body, and suitable for all levels of fitness (that’s the beauty of the TRX!)

We’ve kept the good stuff
The details you need to know
  • Term 3 courses start in Week 2 (from 26th July) and run for five weeks.
  • Payment is required at the time of booking – see our team at reception
  • For days and times, see our Small Group Training pages
  • Classes are small, so you get more help and focus, and you’ll build your skills progressively with the same group of people
  • Our prices may be low (to help you get active) but all of our instructors are qualified in what they deliver, so you are in super safe hands

If you have any questions, please see our reception team or contact our Group Fitness & Customer Service Team Leader. 

Ngā mihi
UC Rec&Sport

Is a half-marathon on your bucket list?

There’s no time like the present! If you’ve got a hankering to run your first (of many, or maybe only!) half-marathon or 10km, why not join our established Run Canterbury community? We provide an outstanding support package to get you over the finish line, at a supremely affordable price point – and you don’t have to be a member of the RecCentre! 

runners completing the dunedin half marathon
Is this your year to tackle your first 10km, 21km or 42km race?  

The Goal 
  • In Semester Two, we tailor our training for the Queenstown Marathon. 
  • You can choose to enter the 10km, 21km or 42km distance, and we’ll provide a comprehensive 14 week training programme to suit your goal and ability 
The support package 
  • Twice weekly pack runs guaranteed, with multiple pace levels, including a new hybrid walk/run for 10km runners 
  • Additional weekend long runs on occasion
  • Social network for chats and support 
  • Experienced pack leaders to guide you through and help pace 
  • 20% discount on your 1/2 marathon entry fee 
  • Discounts at Frontrunner Colombo for your new running shoes! 
The investment 
  • Prices start at $80 for previous participants
  • $95 for UC Staff/Students and RecCentre members first-timers (includes a swish running t-shirt that you’ll be proud of) and
  • $155 for community members (so you can drag your running buddy along, even if they’re not covered by the UC discount rate) 
  • Similar programmes can cost hundreds of dollars, and we’ve been doing this for 20ish years, so we’ve got it down! 
  • Payment plan available, just ask  
When does it start?
  • 17th August! So, you’ve got 1 month to psych yourself up 
  • Check out our Run Canterbury website for more info. 

If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions and allay any concerns you might have.  Remember, you only ‘get fit’ for something by ‘doing that something’! We all have to start somewhere!  

Ngā mihi 
UC Rec&Sport | Te Ratonga Hākinakina 



Bring it indoors for winter – Membership Sale at the UC RecCentre on now!

It’s getting cold outside – time to bring it inside! Exercise, we mean.    Why sit in traffic or hunt for another car park after your work day ends? Why not skip over to the RecCentre and get your workout in before hitting the road. Keep those winter ills and chills at bay, by staying fit and healthy through exercise.   

RecCentre in Winter
UC RecCentre under a light dusting of snow

For a limited time, the UC RecCentre is dealing out a sweet winter sale on all memberships (excluding salary deduction). 

  • Buy a 3 month membership, and we’ll gift you an extra month for FREE! 
  • On ANY type of membership, including off-peak rates. 
  • 3month rates for staff begin at $75 for off-peak, through to $118 for full access.     
  • Member of the Union?  Excellent. You get a further discount of $25 on the 3mth rate, so you’ll pay even less! 
  • New memberships only 
  • Sale period 2nd June – 22nd June, 2021
  • For all terms and conditions (but they’re basically it), see our website. 
Why choose us? 
  • We’re on campus, so it’s a quick dash at lunchtime, shower at the gym, then walk back to your desk. Or park over by the gym in the morning, and whether you exercise in the AM or the PM, there’s no need to move the car and find another park!   
  • Our staff are high quality – you’ll find a diverse team of qualified, experienced and passionate staff ready to help you (including NZ’s 2019 Group Fitness Instructor of the Year!)    
  • We’re cheap, cheap, cheap, but all class. We care about your wellbeing, so we make it affordable for you to get moving
  • We have all the usual stuff other gyms have: cardio, classes, weights & fitness trainers, all of it modern.     
  • We ALSO have stuff other gyms don’t have – courts, social sport leagues, running club, bouldering wall, boxing room, and a zen zone
  • No, we don’t have a swimming pool, but we can help you get 20% off a pool membership, regardless of whether you join the gym or not.   

Got questions?  Contact us via email or use the phone (369 2433). 

Stay healthy!

Ngā mihi
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 

The Rec & Sport app just got a very handy new feature

Don’t you hate it when you go to the gym, and forget your membership card?  Well, panic no longer! The latest update to the Rec&Sport app means your membership card can now be loaded into  phone! And who forgets their phone?!

Instructions on how to add your membership card into your app

Wait, can’t I just take a picture of my card?

Well, yes you could, and many of you have. But that means you might have to scroll through your photos to find it each time. With this feature, you’ll just open your app, and your membership card will be loaded and ready to go. You can still use your card if you prefer.  

How to activate the feature

  • The next time you open your app, there’ll be a yellow feature box at the top “Your membership card”
  • Tap on this box and enter the number/letter combination on the left, under the barcode. Hit save.
  • This will return you to the opening page in your app.  Simply hit the ‘X’ on the top right of the yellow box, and you’ll never see this again. 
  • Your membership card is now stored in-app, just scroll to the bottom and use it to scan in every time.           
Having problems?
  • Make sure you update your app and have the latest operating system update for your phone
  • Try reinstalling the app
Don’t forget, the Rec&Sport app still provides you with 
  • the convenience of the group fitness timetable in your pocket
  • over 100 exercise programmes to choose from (with videos)
  • an easy link to our YouTube channel for at home classes on rainy days (no membership required!) 
  • An indication of how busy the Technogym cardio equipment is.    

    Ngā mihi 
    Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec&Sport 

How do you keep moving when it’s really cold outside?

Winter is perilously close, which means it gets a little harder to motivate yourself to exercise outside!  There are lots of strategies you can try, but when you get down to it, what’s your why?  Grab some paper and pen, and let’s make a list…

1. What brings you joy? 

Think about the times you’ve exercise that you’ve absolutely loved it.  You know, when time flew and you were possibly even unaware you were actually getting your heart rate up?  Can you spend hours in the gym, zumba class or out on a run?  Are you sad when your sports game is over?   What is it about those situations that brings you happiness – the people, the competition (or lack of), sense of accomplishment, being outdoors/indoors?  

2. What brings out your sense of dread? 

Now think about the times you have had to dig really really deep to just turn up?  Those situations you really just didn’t want to go to for exercise?  What is it about those activities that makes you want to curl up under the covers?  Quite likely, it’s the opposite of what brings you joy when exercising! 

3. What’s your why? 

Looking at your lists, can you see any obvious patterns?  When have you given up easily? When have you persisted through literal rain and snow?   What is it that drives you to exercise? 

Now that you’ve got a a few lists, can you see any obvious themes or patterns?  Steer clear of activities that don’t get you excited or energised, and search out those that do.   

Remember, there is no universal right or perfect answer.  There is only the answer that is right and perfect for you. And it might change over time as well, as your skills develop, your confidence grows and your general approach to life changes.  On that, we recommend trying new things every now and then – you never know, what you didn’t like five years ago, you might now like! 

Term 2 at UC Rec & Sport 

The team at UC Rec & Sport aim to provide a diverse range of activities, to meet your needs.  We have new courses and leagues starting next week, in addition to different sport options, group fitness, climbing and the gym of course.     Keep an eye out on insiders for more info, as registrations for some of these close soon (but don’t worry if you’re not ready yet, we run these every term).  All are low fee (below market rate) or free to join for our members.  If you’re not a member, you can still access many of our activities, for a fraction more.    Why not try us out with a free 14-day trial

Ngā mihi
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec & Sport