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UC & UCSA Staff Memberships at the RecCentre starting from less than $1 a day!

Te Ratonga Hākinakina | Rec&Sport are pumped to announce a price freeze on our 12mth memberships, and a price drop in all of our other membership types – so you can make good on those new year health and wellbeing resolutions! 

PIlates and Yoga classes on offer at the UC RecCentre
First, a reminder of why exercise is good for you

The benefits of exercise are many , both physical and mental. That great feeling when you finish an exercise session (from endorphins released)  can keep you trucking for several hours. It will increase your concentration almost immediately after – just make sure you rehydrate and have a healthy snack or lunch within two hours of finishing, to avoid the dreaded crash!   

Location Location Location 

We’re on campus, so we’re convenient to where you work. If you drive, you’ve already found your park. You could even park your car outside our doors in the morning, making it even harder for you to walk by without a quick nip in the building to workout!  

Low cost but great value

We’re now even more affordable! Our full price, full access membership for UC & UCSA staff for 12months  remains $439 – a fantastic 40% saving on our full community rate. For 2021, we’ve reduced the price of our 3 & 6 month memberships ($118 & $225), and also our salary deduction options ($20 per fortnight), to make it more accessible for all. Don’t forget, if you’re a TEU or PSA Union member, you also get a further $100 per annum discount (pro-rata). 

EVEN BETTER, if you know that you’ll get your activity in before 3pm, you can save further with our off-peak membership rates.    Check out our staff memberships page for all your options. Which membership is cheapest? Our 12mth off-peak membership, which works out to a mere 0.739 cents per day! Off-peak means you get to use everything like a full member, but you must enter the building before 3pm each day.

Lots of inclusions
Your membership gets you in the door. Check out our inclusions – most group fitness classes, casual court use, cardio, weights and the climbing wall. We even loan sports equipment (balls and racquets) for free. If you’d like to try some of our additional services (like Small Group Training, Zone Classes (FIT50 and Spin), Run Canterbury or getting a bespoke fitness programme, these come at a small, but very competitive price.   
Still not sure? 

No problem  – why not try a  2 week trial? We usually charge $25 for this service, but for UC & UCSA staff we don’t. Simply come over with your UC Staff ID Card, sign the appropriate forms, and we’ll hook you up for 2 weeks.  

We want to help our UC community improve their wellbeing this year, so help us and take the first step! 

COVID Restrictions 

UC Rec&Sport follow Exercise New Zealand and Sport New Zealand Guidelines for exercising safely during the pandemic. You can view what we’re doing to keep you safe on our website.  

Ngā mihi nui, 
UC Rec&Sport 

Win a FREE Small Group Training course at the UC RecCentre!

It’s that time of year again…our popular Small Group Training (SGT) courses are back! So, what are they and why would you pay for it,  when our group fitness is both excellent and free?  We’ll tell you why!

Boxing Fitness class at UC RecCentre
Size matters

Our classes can get pretty big and amping! We have up to 60 in our gymnasium classes, and 80 in the sportshall. That can be a good thing (you can hide and soak up the atmosphere), and also a bad thing (you can hide!) So, the top reasons people tell us they choose SGT are  for the small group attention, assistance/accountability and camraderie. You get the same group of people each time, so you’ll finish the course with some new gym friends and acquaintances.

Specialist  sessions

SGT takes a skill/exercise we might offer in group fitness (for free) to the next level.  For example,  whilst you might get some hip hop tracks in Zumba, our Hip Hop class will give you more insight to techniques and more complex choreography taught slowly. In yoga, we will never teach advanced poses like headstand, wheel or splits (you know, those crazy scary looking ones), but we might teach you these in our YogaPlay courses, where the group is small, we have lots of props, an experienced teacher AND we have 5-6 weeks to build up to it slowly. You get the idea?

What’s on offer?

Head over to our website to watch videos or read up on each course. Courses run subject to sufficient numbers. If we don’t reach those numbers, we will cancel the course and you can have a full refund or use it as credit for other services with us.

Great value

Finally, we are great value! We keep our prices affordable, and well below market. For example, you could expect to pay upwards of $15 per session for a session like ours, and ours are between $5.50 and $10 per session, depending on the course, for members. You don’t have to be a member, but the fee is slightly higher for non-members to participate.  

How can you win a FREE SGT course?

Easy. Simply sign up (and pay in full) for your Term 1 course by Wednesday February 24th 2021, complete your course, and we’ll draw a winner at random at the end of the term. You can choose a full refund OR apply it as credit for your next SGT or other service with us. We’re giving away 3 free courses in total, so be an earlybird and be in to win!

COVID Level Restrictions 

Rec & Sport follow all COVID related health & safety recommendations, as guided by Exercise New Zealand and Sport New Zealand.  If we are unable to offer the course due to changes in COVID levels, we will offer pro-rata refund/credit for any sessions not used.  

Best of luck and see you soon!
Nga mihi

UC Rec & Sport | Te Ratonga Hakinakina

Run Canterbury – Tackling half marathons together since ages ago

Are you looking to compete in your first 1/2 marathon in 2021?   Or maybe you just want to set a 5km or 10km goal first?   It can be daunting at first, but with the right support, it’ll be a cinch!

runners completing the dunedin half marathon
Gary Gin looking fresh completing the Dunedin Half Marathon

Run Canterbury is a small group of keen runners of all abilities, who just want to run!   We meet Tuesday and Thursday  evenings at the RecCentre, and sometimes in the hills on the weekends, to go for a run!   We have beginner, intermediate and advanced groups who head out for a trot rain or shine (but not hail or snow).   There’s an experienced leader of the pack, who’ll guide you round the course, and you can ask all your running questions at the end while you stretch.   It’s a friendly, relaxed and supportive group, and you’ll probably make some new friends too.

What’s the goal?

2021 sees us training for the Hanmer Half  or Wanaka Half, both on Saturday 1st May, but you can opt for the other distances if you prefer.   You can choose the destination that works best for you, the training will be the same.

Why join Run Canterbury?

Because we’re good at what we do!  We’ve got experience (over 25years operating), a great crew, and an affordable price.

  • 2x lead pack runs per week, plus some bonus ones on weekends
  • Full 12 week training plan for in-between pack runs
  • Online community support
  • Athlete educations seminars (recovery, nutrition, raceday)
  • More benefits – see our website for full list and more info
  • First meeting and pack run on Tuesday 2nd March, 2021
The investment?
  • UC Students & Staff, UC RecCentre Members (first time with Run Canterbury) $95
  • Community $155
  • Any returning participant $80

Check around, we’re confident you won’t find a better value running group!   If you’d like more information, check our website.  You can also email or just take the plunge and register online now.  

Let’s do this!
UC Rec & Sport