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Lunar New Year Celebration on Friday 12 Feb

Lunar New Year which falls on 12 February is a special day for people from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, etc. to visit family and celebrate the new year.

The UC Global Society will host a Lunar New Year Celebration at 4pm this Friday on campus for international students who are not able to go back to their home country, and for local students and staff who are interested in knowing some different cultures and traditions.

Some highlights of this event are the Yeesang (known as the Prosperity Toss Salad, a traditional Malaysian custom commonly done during the Lunar New Year), Asian food (Chinese dumplings, spring rolls, Korean noodles, bubble tea), and fun games. There will be two rounds of raffles and prizes for three people who put on their traditional clothes.

This is a free event, all staff and student are welcome! Please note that registration is required. (Click here to register)

For more information, please see UCGS Facebook page .