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Ohu Reo Moratoruim

The Ohu Reo is placing a temporary stop on the naming of all role titles and work units at UC while we focus instead on some transition work in Te Waka Pākākano. This means that we will not be generating any new role titles or names for work units until further notice.

We are keen to see and hear the role titles and work unit titles already distributed in full use across UC and in our communications from UC to the wider community. The UC Te Reo Māori Style Guide is a useful document to help you add these to (e.g.) your webpages, email signatures, business cards. Your Kaiārahi can help you with pronunciation of the names relevant to your work. You can find the details of your respective Kaiārahi on our Te Waka Pākākano webpage here.

Te Ohu Reo intends to add the existing role titles to the UC Māori Kuputaka | List of Terms while the temporary stop on new naming is active. We also have plans to add sound files for all the items in the Kuputaka when we have the capacity.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. For any urgent matters, please contact Mary Boyce: