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The business of science

A wonder gel for wound healing, birth control for possums, and beating antibiotic resistance in cattle worms – it’s all part of the job for UC chemist and entrepreneur Prof Rudi Marquez, our guest on the latest episode of UC Science Radio.

Prof Marquez’s goal as a scientist and businessman is to come up with solutions that leave the lab and make a difference in people’s lives. Listen to the episode here, or on SpotifyStitcher | Youtube | Apple Podcasts

Science on thin ice

As climate change accelerates, the warming earth means our world-famous glaciers, like Fox and Franz Josef, are receding and thinning. We need to study them while we still can.

UC Te Kura Aronukurangi | School of Earth and Environment glaciologist and award-winning teacher Dr Heather Purdie, talks about her research on endangered glaciers, passion for the environment, and why virtual teaching will never replace real-life experiences with nature: on Ep10 of our science podcast UC Science Radio.

Check out the episode here:

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Wellbeing at work

If you’ve ever walked in the door and complained about your work, you’re not alone. What if, instead of being a source of stress – our work (and workplaces) were good for us?

In Episode 9 of Te Rāngai Pūtaiao | College of Science’s weekly podcast, UC Science Radio, Professor of Psychology Katharina Naswall talks about the world of work in uncertain times, how to reduce stress and increase health and wellbeing in the workplace, and how to make sure it’s good for us.

Check out the episode here or on Spotify | Stitcher | Youtube | Apple Podcasts.

Words and worlds collide

What’s the difference between a poet and an astronomer? Nothing, if you’re UC astrophysicist Dr Michele Bannister.

Dr Bannister is an expert in the discovery and characterisation of minor planets in the solar system. She’s been involved in the discovery of more than 800 minor planets and even had an asteroid named after her! She’s also an avid creative writer. The poet, planetary astronomer, hunter of new and strange worlds, and self-described ‘connoisseur of fuzzy dots of light’ is our latest guest on UC Science Radio.

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Micronutrients for the mind

Minerals and vitamins fuel our cells, give us energy and help with our brain function. Yet 60 percent of the foods sold in supermarkets are ultra-processed and lack the micronutrients we need for good brain health. UC Professor of Clinical Psychology, Julia Rucklidge, wants to change that. In Episode 7 of our weekly science podcast UC Science Radio, she explains what our brains need to be healthy and how micronutrients can make a difference to mental health. It’s all part of her mission to reverse the mental health epidemic.

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