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Geospatial Research Institute – Free Seminar

Reaching the Stratosphere and beyond 
A free seminar with Philipp Sueltrop – Chief Technology Officer, Kea Aerospace





When: 26th November, 1 – 2pm
and Light Refreshments from 12:30 pm onwards
Where: Beatrice Tinsley 111 
Book: here for in-person registration or register for the online Zoom here>

About the speaker

Philipp Sueltrop is the Chief Technology Officer of the Christchurch-based company Kea Aerospace. Besides leading the technical development team of the unmanned solar-powered aircraft Kea Atmos, he considers himself as a technology explorer combining his passion for aerospace engineering that can provide the means for advantageous scientific, civil and commercial contributions.


In late 2014 Philipp moved to New Zealand from Germany, and finished his PhD in rocket flight mechanics and control at the University of Canterbury in 2019. He has designed and launched a wide variety of unmanned aerospace systems from high-altitude balloons, sounding rockets to different types of unmanned aircraft.

About Kea Aerospace

Our world is changing fast. Thus, data and derived intelligence have become the world’s most valuable resource.

Kea Aerospace is developing the Kea Atmos, the largest unmanned aircraft in the Southern Hemisphere in order to harvest aerial data from the Stratosphere flying at around 20km altitude. With a wingspan of over 30m and fully covered in solar panels the Kea Atmos will be able to operate for weeks without landing – purely on clean energy.

A fleet of Kea Atmos will be continuously operating and carrying different payloads from high-resolution multi-spectral cameras to synthetic aperture radars and atmospheric sensors. Flying in the Stratosphere Kea Aerospace will operate in a sweet spot for data collection. Kea’s remote sensing data will have much better image resolutions than satellites, while Kea Atmos aircraft can further operate extremely flexibly. This will allow Kea Aerospace to fill significant data gaps and enable better decision-making in areas like environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, precision agriculture, smart city projects and disaster management.

The Geospatial Research Institute
University of Canterbury



Host UC international students for a Kiwi Summer Day

Did you know that UC has approximately 1100 on-campus international students who have not been able to return home to their families for the past two summers, given NZ’s ongoing border closures? These students have committed to staying in Aotearoa so as not to jeopardise their studies with us.

This summer the International Relationships Office wants to ensure all international students who are staying in Christchurch over the break feel welcomed and supported by our UC community. We want to encourage our students to have some fun and get to know new friends in the UC community.

How can you help?

We welcome UC staff to invite a couple of international students to take part in a summer activity with you and your whānau. This could be a BBQ at your home, a walk at Sumner beach, or even a day trip to Akaroa. Perhaps students could join you for a community event in Christchurch e.g., Christmas Carols at Hagley Park – it’s up to you. This is a one-off activity, designed to fit with your existing summer plans. There is no expectation of ongoing interaction with the students, though we hope that you’ll now have another friendly face to see around campus.

Please note that we ask any staff who sign up, to host two international students. Pairing students up gives them a level of comfort and confidence. The IRO will connect you to students who are not in the same department as you, to ensure no conflict of interest.

If you’re interested in taking part in this programme please complete the form here before 10 November 2021.  IRO will be in touch after the deadline with more information, guidelines for H&S etc.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact

Thanks for helping to ensure UC’s international student whānau feel supported and connected to our community this summer. You are truly engaging in the UC Values!

Are you interested in freshwater?

Registrations are now open for the 2021 Waterways Postgraduate Student Conference – Wednesday 3 November, 2021, 9 – 5 at Ti Kōuka, Haere-Roa, University of Canterbury.

The 2021 Waterways Postgraduate Student Conference highlights freshwater-related postgraduate student research underway at both the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University. The programme for this year is one of the most diverse in the Conference’s 11 years. There are presentations ranging from groundwater to surface water, rivers to roofs, frogs to kōkopu – the conference will be buzzing.

Registration closes 25 October; attendance is free thanks to our generous sponsors, and includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch, and drinks and nibbles following the presentations. Registration can be completed here. A draft programme will be available mid October.

Note: If Canterbury is at Alert Level 2 on the date, numbers will be restricted but the Conference will go ahead. If we are at a higher level the Conference will be moved online

Biketober is coming to Ōtautahi next month!

Biketober (=Bike + October) is Christchurch’s annual festival of cycling, and is all about giving cycling a go. Whether you ride a bike already, would like to try, or just want to join the fun, there will be cycling events and activities for you and your whānau to enjoy almost every day this October!

Curious? Check out the website & event calendar here.

Some of the Sustainability Office’s top event picks this year are:

So grab a bike, check out the entire month’s event calendar here and have fun!

Biketober 2021 events are being run according to MOH guidelines to keep everyone safe. Please refer to the Biketober website here for event specific updates.

GRISS: Geospatial Research Institute Seminar Series – Free Seminar

HUMANISM IN A TECHNOLOGY CENTRIC WORLD: Enabling a Digital Twin for Industry 5.0

Speaker: Keri Niven, Digital Practice Leader, Aurecon

Keri is a passionate Digital Technologist, with a strong background in Geospatial technologies, and over 20 years international experience in designing enterprise collaboration platforms. She is the New Zealand Digital Practice Leader and is focussed on identifying digital possibilities and creating opportunities to embed new technologies into our organisational way of working. Keri represents Aurecon on the ANZ Smart Cities Council and on the ANZ Digital Twin Taskforce.

As engineers and designers, we have a responsibility to create sustainable and responsible human-centric physical and digital legacy. Our decisions, particularly regarding how we use technology to solve problems, will profoundly shape our future. 

This obligation has been recognised by the shift towards industry 5.0.  This latest revolution represents the return of human-centric activities that are enabled by technology – and a refocus of technology towards supporting the collaboration and creativity that we as humans crave. 

This is wonderful news for an organisation like Aurecon who for the last 6 years has been teaching 6000 people to think like designers. Working and thinking like designers is how we approach all our work. It’s a considered way of combining our creativity and expertise to move from existing situations to preferred ones by putting people at the centre of the solution.

When:  Friday 24th September 1 PM – 2 PM
Light Refreshments from 12.30 PM

Where: Beatrice Tinsley 111


  • Register at Eventbrite if you’re planning to attend in person.
    In-person Registration Link: here
  • If you prefer to join us online, then please register via zoom only. Zoom Registration Link: here

All Welcome

Geospatial Research Institute
University of Canterbury