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Join the UCSA’s ANZAC Day Service, 2021

The UCSA invites you to our annual ANZAC Day commemoration, an event that brings together our wider community – staff, students, and the public – to honour those who have served.

All are welcome to the service, which will include a performance by the Christchurch Youth Choir, and speeches, as well as a wreath laying. Afterwards, please join us for tea and coffee on Okeover Lawn.

◾️ Date, location and times: Sunday 25 April

10am–11am: Service held at the Quad between Matariki and Puaka-James Hight Library, University of Canterbury

(Note: This is an outdoor service.)

11am–11.30am: Morning Tea held on Okeover Lawn, University of Canterbury

◾️ Parking: Parking is available in the S Block car park

◾️ Speakers:

  • Kim Fowler, President of the UCSA
  • Rosa Hibbert-Schooner, President of Te Akatoki Māori Students’ Association
  • Allister Baker, The RSA
  • The New Zealand Defence Force
  • John Fox, University of Canterbury Chaplin

The staff e-bike scheme is taking off!

Try-out day for Evo bikes

You might have noticed some members of staff speeding around the lawn outside Okeover the week before last, as part of UC’s staff e-bike scheme. We had a great turnout, with plenty of people experiencing e-bikes for the first time, courtesy of our partners at EVO Cycles.

E-bikes are a great way to get a little exercise on the way to and from work, without having to worry about afternoon easterlies if you live across town. There is considerable evidence that cycling to work can improve health and wellbeing, and for many of us, it can be a way to reduce or eliminate the cost and hassle of finding a parking space. A reduced carbon footprint is icing on the cake!

EVO Cycles is offering some great discounts on e-bikes for UC staff, plus 17 months of interest-free finance. If you missed them on Tuesday, you can drop into one of their Christchurch stores to try out a bike and find something right for you – remember to take your Canterbury Card as proof you work at UC.

You can find more details about the scheme, which will last until August 31st 2021, here.

Answer the 2-minute survey about this initiative to let us know what you think!

UCSA Holiday Hours: What’s For Lunch?

Craving a lunchtime treat? Here’s what’s open at the UCSA over the term holiday …

The Foundry Bar (bar snacks and meals):
12pm–9pm, Mon–Fri (Note: Closes at 7pm Friday 9th April).
Open for Quiz Nights on Tuesdays and Bingo on Wednesdays.

Oishii (sushi):
10am–2pm, Mon–Fri

Otto (pizza, curly fries, and coffee):
10am–4pm, Mon–Wed
10am–7pm, Thu–Fri


Nuts & Bolts (coffee, snacks, and hot meals):
9am–3pm, Mon–Fri

Collective (bites on Dovedale Campus):
8.30am–2.30pm, Mon–Fri

1894 (café):
8am–4pm, Mon–Fri

Chilton’s (snacks-to-go):
8am–4pm, Mon–Fri

Get 20% off pool memberships at CCC AND Learn to Swim for FREE

Have you ever thought about learning to swim, or improving how far you can swim?  The Rec&Sport team have set up an easy way for you to access 20% off CCC pool memberships, and get free swimming lessons to boot!

All good, but why should YOU learn to swim?

Lots of reasons, but here are our top 4:

  1. New Zealand is an island nation with some beautiful beaches, lakes and rivers to play in and on.   You’ll have much more fun if you’re confident you can swim  a few hundred metres to something cool or to safety.
  2. If you’re new to exercise or injured, it is a fantastic full body, no impact workout to build cardiovascular and muscular strength.
  3. If you’re a regular exerciser, it’s a great recovery tool between hard workouts.  Also, once you ‘get’ the breathing, it can be meditative and calming.
  4. There are some cool water based sports/activities that you might discover and be able to participate in once you’re confident in the water.
How to get FREE swimming lessons – yes, there is a catch

The Rec&Sport team have partnered with CCC, and set up a hassle free way for you to get your hands on a discounted pools membership.  We call it Swim Starter.

  1. Head to our website and click the link to register.  
  2. We’ll send you an email that confirms your registration with us, and your status as a UC Staff Member.  You don’t have to be a member of the UC RecCentre.
  3. Take this email to any CCC facility to enjoy 20% off any pool membership (minimum 3mths).
  4. Now you’re a member of CCC pools, you can book into any Adult Swim lesson.   They’re FREE with pool memberships.

It’s important to note that UC Rec&Sport has no further involvement once you’ve got yourself a membership.  You’ll be booking your sessions and buying your membership with the CCC team directly.

Getting yourself a membership is great, not only for the free lessons, but also to swim frequently to learn this new skill in the best way – practicing!  So, book in as many lessons in a short space of time as you can (the holidays are great for this!) You can also practice in-between lessons, or perhaps just use the sauna, steam room and spa for some relaxation!

Happy holidays!
Te Ratonga Hākinakina | UC Rec & Sport