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We Stand Here – the Christchurch Documentary Project and Children’s Vision for Their Ōtautahi.

Celebrating five years of the Christchurch Documentary Project and Children’s Vision for Their Ōtautahi.

Two exhibitions that celebrate recent UC student and staff collaborations within the community.

 July 10th – September 27th, Tūranga.

 Between 2014 and 2019 Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) Internship students at the Ilam School of Fine Arts (SoFA) were charged with documenting the people and physical environment of a number of Christchurch communities during a time of rapid change. Initiated by Christchurch City Libraries as a collaboration with Place in Time: The Christchurch Documentary Project, the documentary archive housed within SoFA, this collaboration resulted in over 1,500 photographs being accessioned into the library’s digital repository and made publicly accessible via Canterbury Stories.

This exhibition recognises the photographers’ significant contribution to this public archive, and acknowledges the generous support and privileged level of access granted by many people they came in contact with along the way.

The intention of the exhibition is also to act as a catalyst for the involved institutions to consciously collect more content to better represent Ōtautahi’s bi-cultural heritage, as well as the many Pacific and migrant communities that call this place home. Archives of this nature, by definition, give a broad picture of life, time and culture. So what are the ways to encourage and ensure more inclusive representation of local communities within these ever-growing digital resources?

To this end, the exhibition of PACE internship work was conceived in conjunction with an additional exhibition, We Stand Here: Children’s Vision for Ōtautahi. While work within the PACE show presents a snapshot of the not so distant past to present, this exhibition presents an aspirational vision for our growing city by twenty-four children of Christchurch East School.

During a series of workshops delivered by Senior Lectuer in Photography, Tim J. Veling with assistance by Diploma in Art Curatorship student, Raine Angeles, students were guided in the creation of a mixed-media art work to embody their imagined city – a vibrant, diverse and exciting place they would be proud to call home. Their vision serves as a strong reminder for us to always look forward – to look to young citizens and diverse communities for ideas, inspiration and creative solutions. This city, our place, is always growing, evolving and morphing. We’d do well to listen to all they have to say.

Please join us at the exhibition to celebrate the achievements and voices of our students, collaborators and community.

Tim J. Veling
Senior Lecturer in Photography
Ilam School of Fine Arts
Director of Place in Time: The Christchurch Documentary Project

Immigration NZ Visa Processing Update

We  have received recent communication from Immigration New Zealand extending the current visa processing suspension for offshore visa applications. The extension is until 6th February 2022. This means that if students are not part of an exception cohort they are not able to apply for a visa before this time.

• People who meet the border exception criteria, or who are in a QFT (Quarantine Free Travel) zone are not affected by the suspension
• The suspension can be lifted if the border restrictions change

Please note this does not prevent the possibility of further execption cohorts or QFT zones being created prior to 6 February 2022. UC continues to participate in working groups to advocate for future exception cohorts.

IRO have contacted both current and prospective students to convey this message. Here is the message sent to offer students.

With this change, opportunities for international students to  enter New Zealand for studies in 2022 are limited.  In light of this announcement, we are working with International Deans and marketing teams to confirm online offerings for 2022 as soon as possible.

Ngā Mihi,

UCSA’s Noel Leeming Friends and Family Sale starts soon

The UCSA Noel Leeming (Riccarton) Friends and Family sale is back!

Running from 14 to 27 June 2021, it’s a great opportunity to pick up a deal while supporting UC’s Students’ Association (+2.5% of total sales will go towards UCSA student events).

The offer is open to all UC staff and students, and to receive it you need to present a copy of the flyer and get the barcode scanned in store. Download the flyer (944KB) here.

Thank you for your support.


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