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Tū ki te tahi has moved to Sharepoint!

We heard your feedback and from today Tū ki te tahi, our staff blog, has moved from this WordPress site to a new platform!

The new Tū ki te tahi platform is part of our Microsoft 365 migration and stage one in a brand new Intranet for UC staff hosted on Sharepoint. This is good news for our workplace experience as it gives us the opportunity to grow and work more efficiently. Our platforms are becoming more integrated, easier to use, and more attractive as well.

Go to the new Tū ki te tahi to see the latest news, post notices, add staff events and comment on other’s posts. You will no longer be able to share notices on WordPress, so head to SharePoint and check it out. If you’d like to share a notice or event there, look out for the quick guidelines on how to create these or sign up for one of the training sessions you can find under events.

Check it now here>

Thanks WordPress, it’s been fun.