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Make sure you’re ready on UCGO

If there is a campus-wide emergency situation, such as an evacuation or lockdown, UCGO will send a push notification to your phone so that you are kept up-to-date. To be able to receive this alert, you need to allow push notifications for UCGO. 

Take a moment to check that you have allowed notifications in preparation for the emergency test in the morning on Wednesday 30 September.

Push notifications from UCGO are only ever used in an emergency situation, so you may never receive one. However, if an emergency happens that affects UC, you’ll appreciate the alert. 

Don’t have the app?
Find out more about UCGO, and how to download it or bookmark it on your desktop, here>

Finding it hard to keep track of all of the tools you use day-to-day on your bookmarks bar?

This is the time to reset your routine and embed UCGO into your day. Bookmark it now and discover how much easier it is to book leave, find information via the Intranet, or put in a BEIMS request.

The UCGO staff profile is bigger and better, with more day-to-day tools on hand than ever. UCGO now includes access to BEIMS, Peoplesoft, the Intranet and Financial Services – and has been upgraded to make work life easier for you.

Remember, UCGO is available as a phone app and is accessible via your desktop. Have you bookmarked it yet?


If you haven’t downloaded the app, do it now and log into the staff profile.

Did you know that you can access the RecCentre Timetables quickly using UCGO?

UCGO has useful tools readily available no matter where you are. Scan your way to a free coffee using the V-Plate digital card, or have a quick look at the RecCentre timetable from your phone. Not only can it improve your day to day work experience, it also provides access to the most important information when you need it. 

For example, here’s how to look at the RecCentre timetable through the UCGO app on your mobile: 

  1. Open the app. If you’re logged into the staff profile, it will look something like this: 

If you haven’t downloaded the app, do it now. If you have downloaded and logged into UCGO previously, you can log out and log back into the staff profile.

2. Tap on the “RecCentre” icon, then it will open to look like this on your screen: 

3. Select “Group Fitness Timetable” and you’ll be able to see the most up to date timetable information, like you can see here: 

If you get stuck at the first step, please log a ticket through the self-service portal. Your feedback is always welcome, which you can submit through the app settings. 

Download UCGO from the App Store and Google Play.

Did you know there is a UCGO staff profile?

The UCGO staff profile is here to help you keep up to date with all things UC. No matter where you are, keep up to date with UC news and notices, and easily get your V-Plate coffee discount using UCGO on your phone. 

If you haven’t downloaded UCGO, do it now. If you have downloaded and logged into UCGO previously, you can log out and log back into the staff profile.

Tools on the staff profile include:

  • Tū ki te Tahi
  • UC Maps
  • Getting Around
  • UC Social
  • V-Plate
  • Campus Safety
  • Library
  • Key UC Dates
  • Emergency push notifications

Download UCGO from the App Store and Google Play now.

Communication during a campus wide incident:
In the event of a campus-wide incident messages will be sent to staff and students using emergency push notifications through the UCGO app. To receive these communications it is essential you allow push notifications for UCGO – you will not receive any push notifications via UCGO for any other reason than a campus-wide incident or emergency.

Feedback is always welcome. You can submit feedback through the app settings or if you are unable to log in please log a ticket through the self-service portal.

Easily connect to your Zoom meetings using UCGO

Zoom has been added to UCGO, making it easy to connect with your colleagues and join meetings on the go, from anywhere.

Follow these steps to set up your Zoom account on UCGO:

  1. Click the Zoom tile from the UCGO home screen
  2. Click sign in, choose to sign in with SSO.
  3. Enter canterbury as the domain name
  4. Type in your UC email address and enter your UC password
  5. Follow the prompts to finish set up
  6. You are now ready to use Zoom from UCGO

Did you know you can also access your UCGO profile from your computer, laptop or iPad? Simply follow this link and log in. Bookmark it now so you can easily connect to zoom, see what’s happening on Tū ki te tahi, get the latest COVID-19 updates and see what’s happening at UC on our social media channels.

Troubleshooting: If Zoom will not open in UCGO, check you have the latest version of the app. You can do this by checking you have the April update in the about section found in UCGO settings. If you have an earlier version simply update UCGO in your app store.

Find out more about downloading and using UCGO here>