Sending surveys to students? Make sure you check out the Survey Policy!

Thinking of surveying UC students? There’s a guide for that!

The UC Student Community Online Survey Policy (Survey Policy) covers all surveying of students who are enrolled or have graduated from UC. The policy outlines the conditions required for students receiving requests to participate in online surveys, and the application processes and procedures for scheduling online surveys.

You can check out the Survey Policy here. Here are the key points to know:

  • Surveys that collect data for the purposes of improving teaching and learning do not need consent, unless the data may be used for publication
  • All other surveys that are distributed to students needs express approval from the Office of the DVC-A. Complete this tool to start this iterative process
  • Be sure to check the Survey Calendar to make sure your survey doesn’t clash with any survey blackout periods
  • In line with the Privacy Policy and NZ’s privacy legislation, a student cannot be emailed an invitation to participate in a survey without either prior consent from the student or the Office of the DVC-A
    • This includes sending an email invitation to students on someone else’s behalf (including from other institutions)
  • Agreement to participate in one project does not automatically constitute agreement to be contacted about subsequent projects, unless this consent is explicitly given

The Survey Policy aims to protect against survey fatigue in particular groups of students, as well as ensuring the strategic goals of UC by enabling the collection of quality information. The Evaluation and Student Insights team will work with staff to identify other opportunities to recruit survey participants.

Major strategic surveys are conducted annually at UC and provide a wealth of information that is accessible to all staff via the UC Data Dashboards. Topics include Learning and Teaching, Wellbeing, Belonging, and Equity and Diversity. All data can be filtered by major subject area and other demographics including age, gender, LGBTQIA+ identification, ethnicity and more to allow for meaningful insights.

All staff can access the UC Data Dashboards here.

For any questions about the Survey Policy, or if you would like ESI to come speak to you or your team about student survey data, please email Ellie Kay and Elyse Thompson at

For any questions about UC’s Privacy Policy, or NZ privacy legislation, please email

Join us in reading Goodbye Sarajevo by UC alumna Hana Schofield and sister, Atka Reid

Did you know that UC staff can join the UC Alumni Book Club? With our next book starting today, it’s the perfect time to join us.

The book selection, Goodbye Sarajevo, written by UC alumna Hana Schofield and her sister, Atka Reid, tells the real-life story of being caught up in 1992 in the middle of the civil war which tore Yugoslavia apart. Then aged twelve, Hana boards one of the last UN evacuation buses to flee the besieged city of Sarajevo. Her 21-year-old sister Atka stays behind to look after their five younger siblings. Atka’s daily life is punctuated by sniper and mortar attacks and desperate food shortages as she and the family struggle to survive.

Grab your copy and get involved in our virtual community of members across the globe. Sign up here!

Super Saturday – get vaccinated

With summer just 8 weeks away, we need everyone to book their first vaccine appointment now. This will ensure everyone can get two doses and enjoy everything a classic Kiwi summer has to offer.

Here’s the bottom line – the more of us that are fully vaccinated, the more protection we’ll have against Covid-19 and the more freedom we’ll have as we work our way back to reopening the country safely.

We all have a role to play in getting our friends, whānau and communities vaccinated – this is why we’re joining the Canterbury District Health Board in asking you in supporting our national day of action this Saturday 16 October – Super Saturday.

Call for Submissions: Seeking examples of Building Capability Together | Waihanga Āheitanga Kotahitanga

eResearch NZ, New Zealand’s annual forum exploring how digital tools and techniques advance research outcomes, is coming to Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha University of Canterbury (UC) February 9-11 2022.

The conference theme is Building Capability Together | Waihanga Āheitanga Kotahitanga, with each word reflecting the diverse range of perspectives, communities, and Mātauranga Māori approaches layered within Aotearoa New Zealand’s research landscape.

We invite you to be part of the programme! eResearch NZ 2022 is seeking submissions talks, Birds-of-a-Feather, panels & demos that share experiences and the cultural, organisational, and technical considerations for developing eResearch capabilities & delivering eResearch solutions.

Deadline to submit is 20 October. Contributions from students and early career researchers is encouraged! Visit the conference website for details and full submission guidelines here. 

Erskine Fellow

Associate Professor Claire Davies              is hosted by Dr Debbie Munro in the Department of Mechanical Engineering this semester.


Claire comes to UC from Queen’s University in Kingston where she has been for the past six years after being a senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland from 2009-2015.  Claire is a kiwi citizen (as well as South African, British, and Canadian) which has allowed her and her family to travel here for her sabbatical during COVID.

Claire’s area of interests are: biomedical, biomechanics, human factors, universal design, co-design, interdisciplinary teaching and design. She teaches biomedical engineering design and is working with Debbie Munro.

At UC, the design project in my third-year class is linked to the Christchurch Heart Institute.  Our client has defined a problem and the class is working to design a solution.  Additionally, I’ve been making connections with people with whom I am familiar through their work but have never met.

Claire learned about the Erskine Programme twenty years ago while visiting Canterbury for the first time and seized the opportunity to return to New Zealand.

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