Follow the “40-80 rule” for charging your phone

All this time I have been waiting till my iPhone gets to less than 15%, then charging it overnight to 100%. But it turns out that’s wrong, wrong, wrong!

Most battery manufacturers recommend not letting your phone deplete below 40% or charge more than 80%.

So once your phone gets down to 40% charge, plug it in.
Then once it hits 80% charge, unplug it.

Avoid leaving your phone plugged in all night because that takes it up to 100%, which is not ideal. Doh!!

(Of course, sometimes you need it charged to 100% and that’s fine. This tip is about everyday-life usage.)

For other great time-saving tips, look up:
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2020 Professional Development course dates released

2020 course dates are now available on the new look Learning and Development intranet page !

Make sure you get in quick and book arrange your development as the courses can fill up fast. Health and Safety courses included.

Having your PD&R soon? You will see a printable calendar view of the Learning and Development courses for you to print and take with you.

If you would like to know more, or can’t find what you are looking for, please email our team.

Teaching professional development opportunities in February

As part of UC’s renewed strategic focus on professional development in teaching, Academic Development, E-Learning Support and the Student Support units will be starting a series of short (90 minute) workshops aimed at teaching staff starting next week. These workshops will cover commonly encountered teaching issues and dovetail with existing professional development offerings through HR Learning & Development.

For February, we have the following workshops on offer:

Supporting the student transition to universityTue, Feb 410:00 – 11:30Rehua 103
Authentic assessmentTue, Feb 42:00 – 3:30Rehua 103
Engaging students during lectureWed, Feb 59:00 – 12:00Rehua 101
Web conferencing for teaching and learningWed, Feb 52:00 – 3:30Rehua 529
Providing pastoral support for studentsWed, Feb 121:00 – 2:30Forestry Lectorial F1
Working with international studentsThu, Feb 1312:00 – 1:30Rehua 329
Supporting English as Additional Language studentsMon, Feb 1710:30 – 12:00Beatrice Tinsley 112
Principles of course designFri, Feb 212:00 – 3:30Rehua 530

The full list of workshops, dates and times and registration for semester 1 can be found here. For queries, contact Erik Brogt (Academic Development) or Nick Ford (E-Learning Support).

New year – new kit in your UC personal emergency kit bag

UC Personal Emergency Kit
UC Personal Emergency Kit

With the new year upon us, now is a good time to take stock and refresh your UC personal emergency kit. Check and assess the contents of your kit bag regularly. Ensure it is well equipped to assist you in an emergency event. Replace or refresh water, snacks and other perishable items.

Due to sustainability considerations, we will no longer supply plastic water bottles in the personal emergency kit bags. We recommend you put your own filled reusable water bottle into your kit bag and refresh it annually.

UC International College’s EER Result

In their most recent External Evaluation and Review (EER), NZQA has rated UC International College (UCIC) as a Category 1 provider in New Zealand. UCIC has been awarded ‘Highly Confident’ in Educational Performance and ‘Highly Confident’ in Capability in Self-Assessment. This is the highest possible rating that can be awarded and is an endorsement  of the excellent learning and teaching environment that UCIC strives to provide for its international students.

UCIC first opened its doors in October 2013 offering just one pathway programme through to the University of Canterbury. Less than six and half years later, UCIC has a suite of pathway programmes for international students, a Category 1 rating by NZQA, has acquired one of the oldest English Language schools in Christchurch, CCEL (also a Category 1 provider), and offers a truly embedded pathway model to one of Navitas’ highest ranking University Partners globally. UCIC offers four University Transfer Programmes (UTPs), a Foundation Studies Certificate and short Study Abroad options for International students.

UCIC would like to thank the University of Canterbury, all staff with whom we have had a collaborative relationship over the past number of years, particularly those who met with the NZQA evaluators as a part of the recent External Evaluation and Review process.

For more details, please refer to UCIC website   

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